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I finally got around to giffing ( that a word?) the SBS DVD. While pretty much all of the gifs are absolutely useless, I'm posting them anyways just because I need to have a Pi solo con spazzing entry. I can't believe I didn't have one already.

His hand looks so awkward here. But yay, pretty pink lights + smoke + green lasers.

It's like they're bowing down to him. Or they're going "presenting... Yamashita Tomohisa!"


This was cute. I also like how bored he looks...

a;sldka;kls so cute :D "look I'm so cool... haha jk, I know I'm not"

Dusting dirt off his shoulders.

ahaha no idea why I made this one. I think I culled a few frames too many too...

Air guitar! :D Thanks for telling me where it was, [ profile] wanderingreen, so I didn't have to watch the whole thing for the 3rd time xD

idk, that part of the dance amused me.

I saved this file as "I should stop making useless gifs."

It's that one backdancer I always end up paying attention to! And he's still wearing that lightning bolt earring. I was half expecting him to start dancing to Mirotic after putting his hand on his chin like that. I was watching DBSK clips a few days ago. So much for ignoring and forgetting about them -___- Anyway, this part cracked me up.

ME was pretty with the pink/purple lights and the fire. The way Pi's walking is hella funny though.

LMAO stupidest dance I've seen in a long time. At least they look cool since they're actually in sync.

":O woahhh... okay."

Yay cute.

What I remember about it from watching it 2/3 weeks ago:
- clear audio of Ao, YAY.
- V & my misheard lyrics for Loveless' b-sides are so much funnier during a performance. I hear "won't you ever ever lick a dick" in ME and "you creep on me, you're stuck in me" in Run From You.
- I think he only lipsynched Loveless (maybe MOLA and a few choruses). Good job, Pi :P
- I really liked Snow Express & ME.
- I... couldn't take ~cool Pi~ seriously and ended up laughing at him multiple times. Even though he is cool normally? idk, I don't get myself.

I want to make gifs for SUMMARY's backstage & all of Soukon, but it took me so long to actually get around to doing this so I don't think that giffing 10.5 hours worth of shows is going to happen any time soon.
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