Mar. 15th, 2010

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I've been kind of down recently, so I've been avoiding fandom a bit. A bit, I still read my communities f-list on my other account and watched NEWS on Music Station xD My reaction: sjkladalslada
1) cute dance that reminds me of Cherish somehow
2) verses (& maybe chorus though I doubt it) were live
3) I think Yamapi really is a C cup.
4) Their clothes! I was expecting ...idk, bright pink JE-like costumes xD It looked like stuff they would all wear in private (though hopefully not for Yamapi's case).
5) Too cute.

No school today! And school starts at noon the next two days (for seniors) because the sophomores have to take the CAHSEE (high school exit exam). So I still haven't done any of my homework...
Yesterday was fun, W&V came over and we walked over 4 miles. I have a blister from it -___- We went to Red Mango for frozen yogurt, Asian pencil store, Radioshack, Target, Whole Foods... We just walked to the biggest intersection near my house and wandered around to see what was there.

Also this weekend, I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE GIFS. Yes, that is capslock worthy. It's the single thing I've wanted to learn since joining fandom. Besides Japanese. Next things to learn are how to sub videos and use photoshop~

cute kids, Toma(pi/shun), and Ho Summer! )

Unrelated to everything, but SNSD is pretty:

I hate W, I know who they all are now. After resisting for 3 whole years, I think I like SNSD.

Yosh~ off to play with my dog and then watch YamaNade, Code Blue 2, and Soukon instead of doing physics homework :Dv
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Though they're really the only interesting parts of YamaNade 8.

one step and two step to the left, to the left )

Yes, that's all.

I'm just excited about gifs, okay.


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