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Yes, I am editing and using the post that LJ automatically makes.

I f-lock anything with My Name, my Real Face, or whining about school/real life.
Feel free to add me, but please introduce yourself on this post or I won't add you back. You aren't missing that much, really.

Hi, my other account is [ profile] stinky259. I was a mature 10-year-old when I thought of my first screen name.
I (used to) read manga and I watch dramas :)
We should be able to get along even if you hate Yamapi and are in love with Subaru as long as you have a sense of humor ;P

Likes: 8-nin NEWS, Arashi's cracktastic TV shows, KAT-TUN's annoyingly-catchy singles, Ya-Ya-Yah show, collecting icons, contradicting ships (though Pin beats all), YokoHina on Recomen... look at my profile and try to decipher my interests for more.

Dislikes: Kanjani8's music. Sorry :|, Hey Say Jump (why yes, I am a hypocrite, thankyouverymuch), Matsujun's face, being mean all the time, when people always change the font of their comments to be small or courier or something, people using the word "bias" incorrectly

Chinese: Fahrenheit, S.H.E, Jay Chou, Show Luo, Jolin, Wilber Pan, Angela Zhang, Wang Lee Hom, Tank, Nan Quan Mama, Jane Zhang
Japanese: Abe Mao, Aqua Timez, ayaka, AZU, BENI, Berryz Koubou, BREAKERZ, Buono!, Chieco Kawabe, Crystal Kay, Do As Infinity, FLiP, Fujita Maiko, GReeeeN, Hilcrhyme, Home Made Kazoku, Ikimono Gakari, JUJU, Kato Miliyah, Koda Kumi, l`arc~en~ciel, Lil'B, m-flo, melody, MiChi, MONKEY MAJIK, moumoon, NISHINO KANA♥, ONE OK ROCK, Rie Fu, SCANDAL, SiD, Utada Hikaru, UVERworld, w-inds, YUI
Korean: YOUNHA♥♥♥, BoA, DBSK, Big Bang (+ their Japanese work for the first 4 on this list), Epik High, 2NE1, Red Roc, Jinusean, Brown Eyed Girls, Loveholic, Cherry Filter

noob to kpop for 4 years and counting.
I don't ca-a-a-a-are enough to follow any kpop group properly.


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