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I've been kind of down recently, so I've been avoiding fandom a bit. A bit, I still read my communities f-list on my other account and watched NEWS on Music Station xD My reaction: sjkladalslada
1) cute dance that reminds me of Cherish somehow
2) verses (& maybe chorus though I doubt it) were live
3) I think Yamapi really is a C cup.
4) Their clothes! I was expecting ...idk, bright pink JE-like costumes xD It looked like stuff they would all wear in private (though hopefully not for Yamapi's case).
5) Too cute.

No school today! And school starts at noon the next two days (for seniors) because the sophomores have to take the CAHSEE (high school exit exam). So I still haven't done any of my homework...
Yesterday was fun, W&V came over and we walked over 4 miles. I have a blister from it -___- We went to Red Mango for frozen yogurt, Asian pencil store, Radioshack, Target, Whole Foods... We just walked to the biggest intersection near my house and wandered around to see what was there.

Also this weekend, I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE GIFS. Yes, that is capslock worthy. It's the single thing I've wanted to learn since joining fandom. Besides Japanese. Next things to learn are how to sub videos and use photoshop~

cute kids, Toma(pi/shun), and Ho Summer! )

Unrelated to everything, but SNSD is pretty:

I hate W, I know who they all are now. After resisting for 3 whole years, I think I like SNSD.

Yosh~ off to play with my dog and then watch YamaNade, Code Blue 2, and Soukon instead of doing physics homework :Dv
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NEWS meme time! Because there's nothing better to distract you from homework when your computer's sound isn't working.

15 things about your fandom )

NEWS song meme )

Things I should've done instead of this:
- Hamlet essay
- ~20 Statistics homework assignments
- Clean my room
- Actually learn Physics shit

Before I get off the computer and work on the above, I want to advertise [ profile] aroma_teaparty! It's for people into Jpop and Kpop (arama + omona) to get along and fangirl together.
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I love you even if you'll never come back. And even though I found out about you after you left. Happy 22nd birthday! ♥

I'll stop addressing Kusano like a creepy fangirl now xD

proper post coming soon, I swear!
but not until later, I'm going out tonight~ (no school this whole week whooooo)

Obligatory picspam:
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It's been a while... I was away at camp (which was super fun and will have an epik post later tonight) and then sick a week later while trying to make up all the school shit I missed. Fun stuff. I was going to have a huge rant on everything from fandom to real life and whine my ass off, BUT NEWS MADE EVERYTHING ALL BETTER (plus Tylenol is finally working against my cold and I stopped pmsing). NEW SINGLE. TEGOMASU TOUR. SHIGE LEAD IN A DRAMA. HOLY CRAP, "nothing" for 11 months and now SO MUCH STUFF ♥ I'll stop using capslock now.

Isn't having an acapella version weird for JE group though? Not that I would know, since the only group I really follow is NEWS. They've had Yume no Kazu Dake & Sono Egao (& HwM from that one MS perf xD). Honestly, I don't think that NEWS can sing, but I still like their voices. I think that Tegoshi's voice is really nice though he tends to oversing. I really like how well Massu can manipulate and control his voice. I like Ryo's only sometimes, depending on my mood lmao. I like Yamapi's when it's been through the studio treatment. I like Shige's in Kakao. I like Koyama's voice for the same reason I like Aiba's-- it's cute. And though it doesn't matter what KusaUchi's voices are like, dammit they still count ;__; I like Uchi's when it isn't too high and Kusano's voice is just pretty all the time to me.

yeah. I had a point, but idk what happened.


:D now I'm done with NEWS obsessing.

In other fandom news, DBSK will be singing some ballad as the theme for a jmovie I was excited about since the cast is Junpei & DAIGO. So DBSK can't disband now! Unless they release that song early, break up and die, and the movie chooses something else as their theme song.

Speaking of pretty people, after seeing this fan manip by [ profile] elitejean, Aiba needs brown hair and hazel eyes.

I decided to not pimp out graphics/fanart when I started using my journal properly because uhmmm I go through almost every icon journal/community on livejournal, but Aiba looks really pretty there.
There's also an amazing Massu fanart here that I thought was a black and white photo until I looked closer.

I've been watching a lot of jdramas while I was home sick since my brain wasn't working well enough for studying anyways. So now I'm caught up with Code Blue 2, YamaNade, and Massugu na Otoko. I watched 1LoT and am finally finishing Zettai Kareshi. I'm planning on watching the current Nakanai to Kimeta Hi and Tokujo Kabachi later. I think I'll copypaste my email obsessing over Code Blue here just to have it saved haha. Even Toma has fantasies about Code Blue Pi. Ah, how I love fanservice♥
I just want to link this: Yuki-Tego's underwear with sex positions.

...I am a genius with my transitions. Whatever, here's a list of idol birthdays I missed:
Sho (01/24; 28), Hina (01/26; 28), Jaejoong (01/26 or 02/04; 24), Yunho (02/06; 24)
Meh, I like them all, but no spam since I'm lazy.

Being the lazy senior that I am, I did my nails instead of cleaning my room like I was supposed to. Oh well. I want to take a picture, but... I'm lazy xD Also, the fact that Ryo likes pretty nails makes me happy. I'm not sure why :P

This picture is unrelated to everything, but very cute. So I will end with this:

*off to happily read f-list*

EDITS: I got in to CalPoly Pomona, San Jose State, UC Riverside, and UC Irvine so far. Yay...? ¯\(°_o)/¯ Why are you telling me so early and making me paranoid about other schools??? ;___;
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New default icon: I'm sorry Yamapi, but Younha's cuter than you.

I watched the first two episodes of Massugu na Otoko (Sato Ryuta, Fukada Kyoko, Kanjiya Shihori, some cute guy). It's kinda slow, but it's funny and easy enough to understand that I don't need subs (unlike Code Blue 2 T__T) so I'll be watching it regularly~
capspam!! because taking screencaps is fun. )

My parents like to buy me stuff when they feel guilty for spoiling my little sister (ex: laptop, ipod, etc), but not let me use them. My dad took away my laptop and changed the password last April, but I finally got it back this week :) I've been catching up on kevjumba, nigahiga, and sxephil since youtube isn't blocked on my laptop haha. He didn't tell me the password, but he logged in for me and I don't need the password unless the computer shuts itself down or something. But of course, I need to exchange something for it. So I deleted everything from my ~pretty new itouch~ and he'll force my mom to return it. It was really fun and all, but it's not worth putting up with his constant bitching. If I realllly want to play some of the games, I'll just steal W's iphone.

I can't speak English... well, I can, but... I don't know. <-- haha, see?
Yesterday while volunteering at the hospital I volunteer at every week, I had to keep on asking the gift shop customers to repeat themselves. However, I was able to read 3 acts of Hamlet ...fluently. lol yes, Shakespeare is a foreign language I normally wouldn't complain about being able to enjoy Shakespeare, but this is weird.

Since I can't speak English, no segues.

Last night we went to a family friend's house and the sophomore and I watched a really good scifi movie. Moon! I didn't get to finish it, but I will go rent it when I come back.

Come back from where? Well, not the Hikki concert. UTADA HIKARU IS AN HOUR AWAY FROM ME IN SAN FRANCISCO AND WHY THE HELL DID I NOT GET TICKETS. I knew this would happen, I knew I would regret not getting tickets Dx
...BUT THAT'S OKAY (even if the setlist is amazing sklafjalkj) because I am going to be cabin leader / camp counselor at science camp all of next week!

No electronics (or school) for a week, I can do this :D

- pack clothes, I'm leaving tonight
- decide what textbooks to bring... physics and statistics for sure. econ needed?
- print all lit homework
- be sad that I'm missing the first school rally after seniors lost homecoming
- and the basketball game against our #1 rival school (in studies, not sports xD)
- not hit my sister in front of other kids there. that would count as abuse.
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Just screencaps + random commentary. Lots of "wth Kame's hot" and "UCHIIIIII"
I watched it on youtube on my ipod so these caps are very small + I still downloaded the first episode -.-


Before the first episode was aired, I told V&W what I thought perfect casting for YamaNade would be based on my impressions of JE personalities:
kyohei: kame --> kusano
ranmaru: uchi--> kame
yuki: tegoshi--> tegoshi
mori: ballet guy--> ...hmmm a playboy.... jin?
sunako main girl: oomasa aya (pi's little sister in buzzer beat)--> ....maki? just because of nobuta
naie/noi: idk--> ...aragaki yui? no. idk, someone cute/girly but still tough.

but that means no uchi so whatever :P

V: ahahahaha jin as a ballerina XD

me: xD no, the role is playboy. the actor is uh... a ballerina. yeah, idk. but he looks decent so tev, im obviously not watching this for the amazing acting.

V: now i wanna see jin as a ballerina.... if you ever get bored and have photoshop handy.. ;D

So I leave you with badly photoshopped ballerina Jin:

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Since it's not showing up on my f-list, I'll link it here: epic Countdown capspam :D?

Some Utada single I didn't know about. I guess it's just more proof that choosing to not get tickets for her concert an hour away in SF was the right thing to do. I'll be packing for being a camp counselor the week of that Sunday anyways! :D (plus the Ryo fangirl I met at my Japanese class this summer is a HUGE Utada fan and will spazz about it for me)

I really want to join in at the hate meme... but screw it, shower/dinner/find my school stuff time.
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Year-end music shows I have downloaded: FNS Kayousai, Best Hits, Best Artist, Music Station Super Live, Johnny's Countdown, an episode of Music Japan, SBS Gayo Daejun, CDTV (will download). holy crap, over 25 gigs.

What I've watched so far: ...Countdown. LOL SO MUCH FOR CARING ABOUT MUSIC.

I took 261 screencaps, uploaded 244, don't know how many I used. Screencaps resized to something reasonable by LJ so I hopefully won't kill internets (see full 1280x720 quality by opening them in new tabs).

Believe - Arashi

~Johnny's Debut Single Medley~
Garasu no Shounen - Kinki Kids
Real Face - KAT-TUN
Naniwa Iroha Bushi - Kanjani8
NewS Nippon - NEWS
Music For the People - V6
Sotsugyou - Takki & Tsubasa
NYC - NYC boys
Ultra Music Power - Hey! Say! JUMP
Love You Only - TOKIO
A.RA.SHI. - Arashi

~Johnny's Smash Hit Medley~
Love So Sweet - Arashi
Seishun Amigo - Shuuji to Akira
Sorafune - TOKIO
Zukkoke Otokomichi - Kanjani8
Fantastipo - Toraji Haiji
weeeek - NEWS
Ai Nanda - V6
Rescue - KAT-TUN
Mayonaka no Shadow Boy - Hey! Say! JUMP!
Swan Song - Kinki Kids
Ai Kakumei - Takki
Sha la la - Takki
Blue Dog - Four Leafs
Otoko no ko Onna no ko - Go Hiromi
Omatsuri Ninja - Ninja
Sneaker Blues - Kondo Masahiko
Can't Stop!! LOVING - SMAP
哀愁でいと New York City Nights - 田原俊彦
NAI NAI 16 - Shibugakitai
Kamen Budoukai - Shounentai
Venus - Tackey & Tsubasa

~Group Change Medley~
Darling (V6) - Kinki Kids
Sukiyanen, Osaka (Kanjani8) - Arashi
One Love (Arashi) - Kanjani8
Aisareru Yori Aishitai (Kinki Kids) - NEWS
Kibou~Yell (NEWS) - KAT-TUN
Keep the Faith (KAT-TUN) - TOKIO
Uwasa no Kisu (TOKIO) - V6

Motto - Kondo Masahiko
Midnight Shuffle - Kondo Masahiko
Hatsu Uta


Damn that was hard. I wanted to do this for NWPD DVD, but I still haven't watched the concert properly yet. ...this took forever since I don't really know how to use LJ-scrapbook and I'm not allowed on the computer unless it's for school when my parents are around (they went shopping today haha). Also I took up a third of my total space with all this so um... yeah, I don't think I'll be epic capspamming any time soon with school starting again tomorrow D:
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Changmin sitting on Yunho is from their talk segment on CDTV, poster is from SBS Gayo Daejun. Sorry they're kinda big.

I thought that the DBSK disbanding drama was total bs when I found out about it this August. It slowly became more and more real, and I would just say to myself "I'm glad I was never in fandom properly." Besides Epik High and Younha, DBSK were my first Koreans. The first idols I've ever seen. I didn't even know what video downloads were, I just watched about every video about them on youtube. I gradually found Fahrenheit and tdramas and later jdramas and NEWS, so I stopped paying attention to what they did. Even though I don't want to, I still do care. On that CDTV talk, Jaejoong said that he'd like to continue to work hard this year , just like last year. I don't see that happening, as DBSK anyways. I think it would be easier to just give up now and be set for them to hurry up and disband. I'll actually buy their best album and that's it for DBSK, forever.

Big Bang's turn. If I knew about these awards, I would have rooted for SCANDAL♥♥♥. I think that "Japanese netizens" is just stupid, I thought no one pays attention to 2ch. I do agree with the Japanese people though, Big Bang's Japanese success is a huge surprise to me. I don't know what their sales are like so I guess I can't really say 'success,' but they were in major year end shows like MSSL. I don't think they ~deserve~ it since they obviously don't give a shit about Japan and didn't prepare at all like BoA and DBSK, but whatever, I like Big Bang so I don't care.

NOOO YOUNHA GOT SWINE FLU. <-- that was my initial reaction. Even though when I heard that Ryo and Yamapi got it, I was just like "whatever, they're not gonna die." That's so weird.
Swine flu map!:
talked about Tego being sick in 24hrtv promo but never reported swine flu + Ryo + Yamapi + Audrey comedian guy --> Kanjani8 members --> ss501 leader guy --> f(x) --> I don't remember anyone --> Younha.
Obviously, this is all Tegoshi's fault.

This is related: I'm hungry. Someone on facebook linked homemade California Rolls that look really really good.

And now I shall dump screencaps of me playing around on my new ipod. Major props to anyone who knows what my background and what I was listening to are:

LOL my ipod thinks that Shige is M and that P is a woman )

gahh all my caps from Countdown are way too big T__T
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My dad blocked youtube on the computer we all use last January just when I was losing interest in Fahrenheit/Taiwan and gaining interest in NEWS. Youtube is like the only place I knew to find Taiwanese videos, so I think my dad blocking youtube helped me get into JE more/faster lol. ...yay my ipod can go on youtube :)

I don't think anyone on my f-list is into Taiwanese stars... but I wanted to put my screencaps somewhere xP

Will Pan on Yue Le Bai Fen Bai!

Quick intro: YLBFB is an entertainment show hosted by Xiao Zhu (Show Luo, actor/host/singer/idol/dork) and Xiao Gui (host/idol?actor/dork). Xiao Zhu parodies his own song while he's on a toilet and Xiao Gui is into BDSM. The hosts are really two spazzes who make out with each other on screen (they've actually kissed too). They both also know about Yamapi: watch Xiao Zhu imitate him during Taiyou no Namida here at news_jpop. Will Pan is a rapper/singer. He was lead of the last tdrama I enjoyed called Miss No Good in summer 08 that he sang the theme song for (Xia Ri Feng (Summer Craze)).

Honestly you don't have to know anything more than that. The screencaps are just them being stupid.

XIA LING ...jiu OH OH / everyone wants to be KimuTaku )

I just finished watching countdown (&taking caps!) and I have notes lmao so I will have a flaily post after I spam your f-list some more with an entry on JE/kpop & random pics.
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I'm trying to clean up my computer and I found a bunch of notepads filled with translation-like-things from when I was watching something & spazzing to V&W. And I want to delete them, but I don't at the same time so I'll just dump them here where no one else will see them. idk when they're from, I watched these raw so probably just a few days after each one was on news_jpop etc for downloading. It is January 17, 2010 today though. Not that it matters.

Spoilers for everything, duh.

Massu )

Read more... )

Boozah Beatto 6 )

Kurosagi )

Orthros ep 8 )

Shige on Recomen )

Pi on Heyx3 for Loveless )

yay done copy-pasting.
- finish scan index
- & sort songs a bit
- screencap SUMMARY & force self to delete it along with YamaNade since I watched YamaNade1 on youtube anyways
- go through f-list, facebook, twitter etc.
- hamlet act 1-2
- phys ch 7
- stats ch 14-17
- econ ch 1
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12 Days of Christmas, Indian version

We don't celebrate Christmas at my house-- we're not Christian. We used to put up lights and decorate a fake tree and everything, but I don't know why we haven't for the past five years.
Anyways, merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it~

Classes at the nearby community college are all full so I can't take Japanese 3 or Psychology for the next quarter :(

I really don't have anything to say so I'll just throw links at you.

I haven't watched it yet because I can't see youtube embeds (I know enough html to code one though :P), but Taeyang and Aoyama Thelma?!! So weird.

transition here


Code Blue cast on VS Arashi makes me happy too. I hope it's for more than 10 minutes like last time, but I'll take whatever I can get :P

another transition here

I have 8 tabs open and 6 of them are icons. I've always wanted to be able to make icons... but yeah, I suck. Just keeping whatever I've made here as a log.

close to 40~ )

Yay pancakes~ :D
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I went driving with my mom this morning. I drove lots, for an hour all around downtown~ She only screamed twice. Good sign :Db

Instead of ranting about how people can't drive and should not cut me off when they have no room to, I'm going to post pretty pictures of the sky. Don't worry, I didn't take them while I was driving-- my mom drove back home because I was too scared to go on the freeway.

No matter how much I whine about the cold, winter (without rain) is my favorite season. Idk why a grey sky is prettier than a blue one to me.

Whatever, pretty :)

I'll dump old pictures of a sunset I found on my phone here too.

p-p-p-poker face p-p-p-poker face )

Unrelated, but Poker Face was playing on the radio and it's stuck in my head. It reminded me of TOP saying "poker face" in Hallelujah. It really really sounds like he's saying "fuck your face." Just saying.

Have a nice dayyy.
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There was a post on news_jpop about how their number of pages in some magazine are decreasing and the entire post was ~omg why so inactive~ etc. I just... don't want the OP to attack me there so I'll talk about NEWS however I like on my own journal.

Am I the only person that likes NEWS for how they can have all separate activities? Okay sure, so I'm mostly a Yamapi fan which is why I love all his solo stuff, but I really do like the rest of NEWS just as much, I'm not like those "pipi-chan so kawaii ne" fans.

Seriously, isn't it a benefit to NEWS that they can be a group where all of their members can have separate activities? I understand that there is a popularity gap like Yamapi, Ryo | KoyaShigeTegoMasu, but you're going to have that in every group. Unless Johnny-san made a group with Yamapi, Jin, Kame, Toma, Ryo, and Matsujun. Actually, there probably still would be a popularity gap-- it would develop eventually. Not to mention that that would be a very strange group.

Anyways, maybe I'm too positive, but whenever fans worry about NEWS breaking up, I just laugh at them. Are you fucking serious? I know that they haven't done much this year. That doesn't mean they're breaking up. They had a single that charted at 11th on the yearly charts even though there wasn't that much promotion, why the hell would Johnny disband them now. If he really hated NEWS like people say, then NEWS wouldn't have come back during that 2006-2007 Countdown. Johnny-san doesn't like one group more than another, he's there for the money. Of course there's people in the agency he likes more, but really, I think he uses his marketing skills, not favoritism. Arashi is just selling crazy well, why would he not use this opportunity to the fullest?

Maybe it's because I became a NEWS fan this year that I can't actually see their inactivity. I think that's probably it. But I like NEWS this way. Of course I want the members to actually see each other and interact with each other, but I do know that Yamapi and Ryo are still in a separate league from "the rest of them." I believe that they're all friends now, but that doesn't change the fact that Japanese people (hell, superficial LJ-ers like me too) like Yamapi and Ryo more.

"Ryo won't be with NEWS for Countdown, of course NEWS is breaking up!" ... At first I didn't get why people were saying that Ryo wouldn't be at Countdown because all I do for Kanjani8 is watch eitokickass. After finding out that Ryo won't be at Countdown with NEWS because Kanjani8 is having a concert tour, I thought "aww no Kanjani8 at Countdown this year" instead of "no Ryo in NEWS." Maybe that seems more rational to me because I'm a brat and I think that I'm always right.

It's 11:11 and I wish for NEWS fans to stop whining and just get along.

I refuse to put this under a cut, so for those of you who read this, you get a prize!

scans of some random NEWS book full of papa pics from Kinokuniya~


MF zip - 51 pictures
my scanning skills are nonexistent, but really, who cares.

I'd share it at news_jpop so more than 10 people get to see it, but idk how official it is / I don't want a bunch of annoying people commenting about paparazzi pictures.

Feel free to share the link / reupload / whatever.

I think I'll go for a midnight run to nowhere, everything's closed. If my dad gets away from the TV and goes to bed any time soon.
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I forced my friends V & W to watch SUMMARY's backstage with me since we were bored and I just finished downloading it and we ended up talking about it later online. They know all of NEWS' 8, but only half of KAT-TUN. So first impressions:
W: "taguchi = changmin look alike. ueda = the super fugly creeper*. koki = friendless creeper but he was funny. nakamaru = the only one i knew other than jin and kame in the first place but hes massus best friend and hes MC with koyama (god why cant i remember gov stuff that easily =_=) kame = he was the best charachter in nobuta, but apparently he sucks. jin = is pregnant with yamapis child. "
*her words, not mine D:

If someone not in fandom AT ALL (I force it down her throat, but that doesn't count :Dv) thinks that... well, that says something.

There's not really anything new in here and it's not very thorough. So it's basically a picspam with fangirling and tons of sparkles. But I still want to type this:


Yamapi wrote the song 'World Is Yours' on his 3rd solo single, One In A Million. He said that he wrote it for a close friend. As a delusional fangirl, I would like to think that it's for Jin regarding his recent departure from KAT-TUN:

透明の道  色付くよ 不思議なほど 鮮やかに
両手いっぱい 筆を持って さぁ 描けよ 誰にも描けない 明日を
I can fly できない事なんてない 大空 羽ばたく 未来が見える
Trust yourself 信じて 君の力 大空 羽ばたく 翼があるだろ
World is yours~

Let's paint the transparent path with a miraculous vividness
Hold on to the brush with both hands, let's paint. Let's paint the tomorrow that no one else could.
I can fly, nothing is impossible. Spread your wings towards the sky, and you can see the future.
Trust yourself, believe in your strength. Just fly towards the sky, you have wings, right?
World is yours~

Japanese lyrics transcribed by Facebook's A-chan, translated by me with and summer course knowledge.

What more do you need? They advertise it themselves. Pi shows Jin off in a non idol magazine. Jin's dog's named Pin, okay. Jin's mother chose that name. It's nice that his mother is supportive of this relationship. /bricked.

Spread the Pin love! \o/
Feel free to correct me / add on! :D
and just let me know if links are messed up or I have to reupload anything
...or if you're a subber and you don't want your stuff here :(

Please don't bother any of the sources with requests (like, if an original post is locked, don't add the person just to see that post)-- just ask me and I'll hopefully be able to help.

I started this in December 2009, and finished it July 2010. I apologize for it being choppy and not flowing together, but I did it in chunks spread over a long time period. I know that it isn't as professional and cool as other pimp posts, but I tried ;__;

EDIT: DON'T HOTLINK, PEOPLE. I just got a warning email about my bandwidth from Photobucket.
EDIT 2: DAMMIT MY BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED. I'm not going to bother reuploading all of these pictures. My limit will reset August 18th. I wonder why Photobucket didn't remove my images yet though it sent me an email... It's all gone ;__; I hope you hotlinkers are happy.
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I went through omonatheydidnt, aramatheydidnt, news_jpop, and onlyarashifiles. haha.
now fandom summary. I suppose I should put this under a cut. But it's not thaaaat long, right? :P edit: lol nevermind, it is. I ramble a lot.

Koreaaaaaaaa )

aaaaand I need to go order new frames over break! *reminds self*

list of things to do over winter break:
- nothing!!! :DDD
- ^just kidding.
- find comfortable new glasses (I'm going blind guys, my left eye is at negative 8.5 -___-)
- check to see that all college apps were received, do financial aid stuff
- make pomegranite juice cheesecake
- super sekrit thing I want to post by tomorrow
- watch NEWS diamond DVD properly & make a screencap-y flail post. I've only seen the PVs and documentary and fastforwarded through the concert.
- ctKT capspam
- post all the screencaps I took of Tokyo DOGS' first episode. and catch up on the series
- finish My Girl (I'm on #8~)
- uhhh clean up computer. a lot.
- and my room. the papers on my desk pile up to 2 feet no joke. this is what finals and not cleaning my room since August does to me
- go decorated-for-Christmas house searching with W!
- currently downloading for a Gossip Girl season 2 marathon with V & W
- also watch all year end programs (FNS, Best Hits, Best Artist, and MSSL-- I have the first two downloaded) with them
- and we were going to marathon Last Friends and Love Shuffle, but that can wait.
- idk, I thought I had more to list

Okay, back to fandom, let's see what I have for Japan.

seeing DAIGO and Kanjiya Shihori (Mai from Buzzer Beat) made me too excited. awww Love Shuffle's Yukichi and Mei! :D I really liked that drama... I should rewatch that with V & W this break XD. and lol @ the "I saw Morimoto Ryutaro-kun leaving his junior high school!" from a 16-year-old male.
Oricon yearly chart! omg Arashi wow. ...yeah, not much else to say.
NAMIE AMURO'S LOVE GAME PV. GO WATCH. Completely unrelated to the video, but she's one of the few Japanese people with a name I just can't say properly in last name, first name order. Another one is Yuna Ito.
Koda Kumi x Lady Gaga interview. It's not that interesting, it's just strange seeing them together.
eeeee Tegoshi and Uchi. that's all I have to say.
→ What happened to Soukon subbers...? I think I'll just download and watch episodes 4 to 6 without subs.
NEWS & KAT-TUN on Best Artist. hahaha I like Kame doing the Koi no ABO pose. I think that they always mess up during Seishun Amigo performances either because they rarely sing the song anyways or to show that they're singing live. I don't really remember One Drop... I cheated on my LJ hiatus (for ONE WEEK. that should not even count as a break. so sad.) to look for this so yeah, I didn't just watch it and forget.
Kusano's ideal girl. So this is really old and in Spanish but whatever. He* says that his ideal girl is "Shriya" whom I've never heard of but has google results. I thought maybe he meant Aishwarya Rai...? (*but there's no source or anything anyways)

Oh look, exploding gum.

...It's only 7! Waking up early does have it's benefits, the day is so much longer~ Two more hours until NBC's 'Sing Off!' I only watch it during dinner, but it's a nice show. A bunch of singing groups have to sing a song acapella. It's pretty cool with their beatboxers... Nick Lachey is an annoying host and the only judge I know is the leader of the Pussycat Dolls, but I like the singing. Here's an mp3 rip of Nota performing Jay Sean's Down.

Let's end with this:

be expecting loads of spam from me-- school's closed :P
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college apps done. finals over. welcome, senior year, I've been waiting.
I am now a second semester seniorrr
It deserves sparkles, okay. and spazzy Massu mood theme hahaha

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! :D Hopefully my 17th year will be very very fun :)
I'm going to go through my f-list and comment on everyone's entries from the past... week. Wow it feels like it's been way longer.
Oh boy. I don't even want to try to check my "communities only f-list" ([ profile] stinky259's f-list). ...whatever, I have winter break :D
I like how missing ONE WEEK feels like so much fandom-wise. That's pretty sad.

Happy holidays! / sorry for the spam to come :P
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Today I worked with my members!
Feel that Shige's hairstyle is not bad.
Today, from now onwards, I'm having a meeting therefore I shall write more tomorrow! (^^)

Why, is NEWS actually going to do something? ...together?
haha maybe they're trying to figure out what they're performing at that Best Artist(?) show. Please not Koi no ABO.

My dad's away on the other side of the world and my mom's been really sick and I have to watch my sister and school is a bitch. So let's see if I can stay away from the computer for 2 weeks to mark my jyaniversary in 2 days (& my birthday's in 5 days 8D).
Ganbarimasu! :D
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but I don't care.


BEST DRAMA CAST... EVER. unless we get a Pin drama next year after Code Blue 2.

I have nothing to say other than: kafhaihq93urqh rilq :DDDD uchi!

LOL that's why I'm not watching kattunlove
and look what I saw at news_jpop. Tomapi JFC VTR <3

Why is JE fandom busiest when I'm busiest. Kay, back to work!
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I should be sleeping... but this was fun to answer :)

• Leave me a comment with the name of your favorite song.
• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

questions from [ profile] crystallekil:

1. who do you think is bigger, yamapi or jin?
LOL nice way to start this off xD
Yamapi (no matter what you're talking about, top or bottom). Because I have some proof. See, Pi doesn't have to reach as far as Jin. yes, I know it doesn't work. no, I don't just wanna link those pictures. Plus Nino agrees with me:

video )

Though I don't mind being proven wrong, I mean, if Jin's is called eggplant and all...

2. what do you want to go to college for, or do you want to go at all?
haha I see that you've noticed my incessant whining about apps xD
I've complained when asked this question as an essay question from certain schools because I couldn't exactly write an essay going: "college --> money :D" Though that's basically it.
Honestly it's more like I have to go. I don't not want to go, but my parents did really well in school since they immigrated here to California from India and all. The atmosphere of where I live affects me too. At my school not going to college is unheard of. A lot of the seniors I know from last year are rooming with each other at UCs haha.
I want to go to college for something related to biology. It's always been my favorite subject... so yeah :)
My dream job when I was a kid was to be a doctor, but now that seems way too hard/long lol question #1 and I'm happy with just studying bio.

3. what's your favorite kat-tun song?
I have this love/hate relationship with KAT-TUN and don't really know much of their music outside of their singles. ummm Will Be All Right! With Lips, Don't U Ever Stop, Real Face, She Said, Hell No, & Sadistic Love ranked up there too. I'm indecisive.

4. what foreign food do you like the best?
...this question is the hardest one to answer -__-
well, I had Chicken Biriyani for dinner.
and I go for Pearl Milk Tea almost every day after school if that counts as foreign food.

5. do you want news to be 8 again or just acknowledge the other two?
just acknowledge the other two. I know that 8nin NEWS is not going to happen. I'll be happy if it does, but I'm not expecting it at all. While I like older clips with NEWS as 8, I still think that they're fine as 6. I saw them first as 6 in weeeek and Never Ending Wonderful Story and I thought that what I saw then was real. Even though I think that NEWS still talks to Uchi and Kusano, I don't think that NEWS (& their new fans) would be able to adjust (back) to 8nin NEWS.
I just miss Uchi and Kusano, even though I found out about NEWS wayyy after they left.


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