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I finally got around to giffing ( that a word?) the SBS DVD. While pretty much all of the gifs are absolutely useless, I'm posting them anyways just because I need to have a Pi solo con spazzing entry. I can't believe I didn't have one already.

I mock him because I love him )

What I remember about it from watching it 2/3 weeks ago:
- clear audio of Ao, YAY.
- V & my misheard lyrics for Loveless' b-sides are so much funnier during a performance. I hear "won't you ever ever lick a dick" in ME and "you creep on me, you're stuck in me" in Run From You.
- I think he only lipsynched Loveless (maybe MOLA and a few choruses). Good job, Pi :P
- I really liked Snow Express & ME.
- I... couldn't take ~cool Pi~ seriously and ended up laughing at him multiple times. Even though he is cool normally? idk, I don't get myself.

I want to make gifs for SUMMARY's backstage & all of Soukon, but it took me so long to actually get around to doing this so I don't think that giffing 10.5 hours worth of shows is going to happen any time soon.
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I should be sleeping... but this was fun to answer :)

• Leave me a comment with the name of your favorite song.
• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

questions from [ profile] crystallekil:

1. who do you think is bigger, yamapi or jin?
LOL nice way to start this off xD
Yamapi (no matter what you're talking about, top or bottom). Because I have some proof. See, Pi doesn't have to reach as far as Jin. yes, I know it doesn't work. no, I don't just wanna link those pictures. Plus Nino agrees with me:

video )

Though I don't mind being proven wrong, I mean, if Jin's is called eggplant and all...

2. what do you want to go to college for, or do you want to go at all?
haha I see that you've noticed my incessant whining about apps xD
I've complained when asked this question as an essay question from certain schools because I couldn't exactly write an essay going: "college --> money :D" Though that's basically it.
Honestly it's more like I have to go. I don't not want to go, but my parents did really well in school since they immigrated here to California from India and all. The atmosphere of where I live affects me too. At my school not going to college is unheard of. A lot of the seniors I know from last year are rooming with each other at UCs haha.
I want to go to college for something related to biology. It's always been my favorite subject... so yeah :)
My dream job when I was a kid was to be a doctor, but now that seems way too hard/long lol question #1 and I'm happy with just studying bio.

3. what's your favorite kat-tun song?
I have this love/hate relationship with KAT-TUN and don't really know much of their music outside of their singles. ummm Will Be All Right! With Lips, Don't U Ever Stop, Real Face, She Said, Hell No, & Sadistic Love ranked up there too. I'm indecisive.

4. what foreign food do you like the best?
...this question is the hardest one to answer -__-
well, I had Chicken Biriyani for dinner.
and I go for Pearl Milk Tea almost every day after school if that counts as foreign food.

5. do you want news to be 8 again or just acknowledge the other two?
just acknowledge the other two. I know that 8nin NEWS is not going to happen. I'll be happy if it does, but I'm not expecting it at all. While I like older clips with NEWS as 8, I still think that they're fine as 6. I saw them first as 6 in weeeek and Never Ending Wonderful Story and I thought that what I saw then was real. Even though I think that NEWS still talks to Uchi and Kusano, I don't think that NEWS (& their new fans) would be able to adjust (back) to 8nin NEWS.
I just miss Uchi and Kusano, even though I found out about NEWS wayyy after they left.

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Firstly, slfkwajlkrwar;pwahrp;ewww college apps. I will read my f-list and post like 50 entries as soon as I finish UC apps and some supplementals for privates. and first semester finals. I kinda fail at hiatus :(
notes to self on what to post about:
- Tokyo DOGS first episode capspam
- Arashi Making Of Crazy Moon capspam
- NEWS Diamond DVD spam
- actually... everything fandom related for the past... week. It feels like it's been longer. :O maybe I'm already addicted to posting even though I have like 5 entries xD
- RL bitching
- Halloween etc adventures
- Our own family zoo and the doggy added to it :D
- How to have fun on a weekend when your parents aren't home and you live in a place where there's nothing to do outside besides eat. / yay sleepovers!
- and.... think of stuff later haha

Secondly, I still haven't listened to anything other than Loveless. I'm kind of scared to see what the English is like xD. And Yamapi, it's "la luz de la luna." And there's no need for the "a" in front of "luz" because the line before already says "to" in English. I hope I'm right and my 5 years of studying Spanish in school weren't completely useless.

Lastly, even though it's been out for a while now, I feel like I should try to give back to fandom somehow.

I'll shut up now. Download links under the cut xD

Loveless Single LE version B, scanned & ripped :) )

go ahead and share, I don't care :D
I will be crossposting like no other with my other username ([ profile] stinky259). That's why you shouldn't actually watch [ profile] news_jpop, [ profile] nippon_news, and [ profile] boys_paper.
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So my school is having a Random Acts of Kindness Week next week. I've never heard that term used outside of Neopets before xD

I got an email from school summarizing each day:
Wednesday: Give Money to a Cause Day! As the name suggests, give money to any kind of cause whether it be a friend in need or a global organization!

Wednesday, November 18th --> Loveless comes out.

...does JE count as a global organization?

*insert transition here* SOUKON.
I watched it, but my brain wasn't working very well late last night. I kind of don't want to rewatch KoyaShigeTegoMassu running, even if they're cute.
WELL newshfan will probably sub it soon anyways and I'll watch it then! \o/

ETA / I'm actually getting off the computer now: more Code Blue 2 vibes?


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