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I had a mini friends cut. If you can't see this post, please remove me. If you think that I made a mistake, I didn't. Sorry. But on the plus side, if you hate my guts and have been looking for a chance to get rid of me and weren't sure how to, this is your chance. Though I will be sad if anyone that I kept cuts me, I won't hold it against you and I'd rather not have people who don't like me on my f-list.

And because I don't want a whole post on that...

I felt that this video was too amazing to only share on twitter and that it deserved it's own LJ post. Well, it's sharing with the above and...

...another amazing video which has embedding disabled. And here's a download. Jin discussing LOVEJUICE:
Interviewer: The title "LOVEJUICE" is very... there's a misconception about it
Jin: AHAHA *giggle*
Interviewer: Some people think it's... A lot of people think it's something that it's not supposed to be. I don't know, is it supposed to be that or...
Jin: It's not supposed to be.
Interviewer: What is LOVEJUICE?
Jin: [ ... ] It's a cocktail that your lips produce
Interviewer: Saliva?
Jin: That's gross... if you say saliva. But yeah, it is.
Interviewer: So it's a sexier way to say saliva?
Jin: *giggles* Yeah, a sexier way to say saliva.
[ ... ]
Interviewer: "Her shoulder exposed..." is she naked?
Jin: Yeah :D
Interviewer: ...she's naked?!
Jin: She's... kind of naked.
Interviewer: uhhh so you took off her clothes?
Jin: Yeah. But I didn't write about that.

It's funny that I feel kind of bitchy on Matsujun's birthday.

Have a nice day~♥
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I love you even if you'll never come back. And even though I found out about you after you left. Happy 22nd birthday! ♥

I'll stop addressing Kusano like a creepy fangirl now xD

proper post coming soon, I swear!
but not until later, I'm going out tonight~ (no school this whole week whooooo)

Obligatory picspam:
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It's been a while... I was away at camp (which was super fun and will have an epik post later tonight) and then sick a week later while trying to make up all the school shit I missed. Fun stuff. I was going to have a huge rant on everything from fandom to real life and whine my ass off, BUT NEWS MADE EVERYTHING ALL BETTER (plus Tylenol is finally working against my cold and I stopped pmsing). NEW SINGLE. TEGOMASU TOUR. SHIGE LEAD IN A DRAMA. HOLY CRAP, "nothing" for 11 months and now SO MUCH STUFF ♥ I'll stop using capslock now.

Isn't having an acapella version weird for JE group though? Not that I would know, since the only group I really follow is NEWS. They've had Yume no Kazu Dake & Sono Egao (& HwM from that one MS perf xD). Honestly, I don't think that NEWS can sing, but I still like their voices. I think that Tegoshi's voice is really nice though he tends to oversing. I really like how well Massu can manipulate and control his voice. I like Ryo's only sometimes, depending on my mood lmao. I like Yamapi's when it's been through the studio treatment. I like Shige's in Kakao. I like Koyama's voice for the same reason I like Aiba's-- it's cute. And though it doesn't matter what KusaUchi's voices are like, dammit they still count ;__; I like Uchi's when it isn't too high and Kusano's voice is just pretty all the time to me.

yeah. I had a point, but idk what happened.


:D now I'm done with NEWS obsessing.

In other fandom news, DBSK will be singing some ballad as the theme for a jmovie I was excited about since the cast is Junpei & DAIGO. So DBSK can't disband now! Unless they release that song early, break up and die, and the movie chooses something else as their theme song.

Speaking of pretty people, after seeing this fan manip by [ profile] elitejean, Aiba needs brown hair and hazel eyes.

I decided to not pimp out graphics/fanart when I started using my journal properly because uhmmm I go through almost every icon journal/community on livejournal, but Aiba looks really pretty there.
There's also an amazing Massu fanart here that I thought was a black and white photo until I looked closer.

I've been watching a lot of jdramas while I was home sick since my brain wasn't working well enough for studying anyways. So now I'm caught up with Code Blue 2, YamaNade, and Massugu na Otoko. I watched 1LoT and am finally finishing Zettai Kareshi. I'm planning on watching the current Nakanai to Kimeta Hi and Tokujo Kabachi later. I think I'll copypaste my email obsessing over Code Blue here just to have it saved haha. Even Toma has fantasies about Code Blue Pi. Ah, how I love fanservice♥
I just want to link this: Yuki-Tego's underwear with sex positions.

...I am a genius with my transitions. Whatever, here's a list of idol birthdays I missed:
Sho (01/24; 28), Hina (01/26; 28), Jaejoong (01/26 or 02/04; 24), Yunho (02/06; 24)
Meh, I like them all, but no spam since I'm lazy.

Being the lazy senior that I am, I did my nails instead of cleaning my room like I was supposed to. Oh well. I want to take a picture, but... I'm lazy xD Also, the fact that Ryo likes pretty nails makes me happy. I'm not sure why :P

This picture is unrelated to everything, but very cute. So I will end with this:

*off to happily read f-list*

EDITS: I got in to CalPoly Pomona, San Jose State, UC Riverside, and UC Irvine so far. Yay...? ¯\(°_o)/¯ Why are you telling me so early and making me paranoid about other schools??? ;___;
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I listened to Jin's song for 12 hours straight and I don't remember anything except one line. No, I don't like the song that much... it's just good background music while doing homework because I can't sing along to it xD
I haven't watched the PV because the preview I saw of it on the various news clips made me dizzy. But I saw this screencap. Very classy ♥

and PIN ON MUSIC STATION :D (if that's locked... whatever, look at a picture. or here, one of them together. last one I swear: ew Kame.)
I think I'll actually watch the whole episode.

and happy birthday Tegoshi Yuu-ko

No, I don't just like your birthday for being on Veteran's Day so I won't ever have school/work on it.
picturesssss )
Stay pretty, stop trying to copy Yamapi and get rid of your perm, sing but don't oversing, and somehow make me stop being mean to you. I like you, I really do :D

I think his looking down on people just rubs off onto me

and wtf, how is he 22 already?! I agree with Koyama, he's not the same age as Shige...

I honestly don't understand why everyone hates the "new Tegoshi." The old one was boring. He learned that the best way to sell as a JE idol is to be a slut. He just doesn't do it very well...
but whatever, happy birthday :)

This is short lol yes, this is short xD because I need to use this day off from school properly and catch up on a lot of work -__-
But I will have a RL dump post & a fandom dump post... soon. Like Thanksgiving break xD
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What I do during school...

His hand is like that because either (a) idk what to do when drawing hands or (b) he's fixing his belt. You decide why ;D

edit: shoot I forgot the Kusanoman cape. That's why it looked so weird.

It's weird for me to like Massu. Not that I don't like him, I just like him least out of NEWS. He's usually too quiet / everyone else is too loud xD

I can't decide if I like Massu's PV best or Shige's. The first time I watched all of them, Shige won by a huge margin. And while I still like Sha La La Tambourine a lot, Ive only watched it 3 times. Whereas I've watched Superman at least 10 times in the past 2 days. theory = I like any song with "super" as the first word.

SUPER song pimpinggg )

and just to throw this in here...

pshh LJ cut for pictures I bothered to copypaste the thumbnail code for :P )

Happy birthday, sexy Osaka man♥
You're 8 years older than me. But 8's my favorite number so that is now a good thing =)
I'm glad you were born.
I love anyone who's a bitch to Kame
And I want to link to this translation too but I can't think of anything to say.

to take away from Ryo a bit...

1) I've started using imageshack since my photobucket died and I like it a lot more.
2) Daylight savings is nice because it's only 7pm right now and it feels like I have more time for homework. Daylight savings is not nice because it gets dark at 5 -___-
3) I've eaten enough Halloween candy to survive with just water for at least a week.
4) I finally downloaded Photoshop!!! Now I just have to figure out how to use it.

edit2: gahhh I FAIL as an Arashi fan. Apparently today's their anniversary. Whoops. Oh well, Ryo's more important. They get to have this uploaded.


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