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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:California, United States of America
Yes, I just quoted Buono! at you. Though I think it at least makes it slightly less lame since I don't mean it in the ~falling in love~ way they do in the song.

Go ahead and add me if you want, just drop a comment here or I won't add you back.

Main fandoms:neopets (does that count? I was a serious RSer XD), Bleach, Fahrenheit, NEWS (+ effectively the rest of JE)

Stuff I like but am too lazy to follow properly: Arashi, V6, KAT-TUN, DBSK, Big Bang, 2NE1, BoA, SNSD, f(x), Tokyo Girls Style, Koda Kumi, Do As Infinity, SPEED ...ummmm pretty much JE + avex + SM + YG. I do stalk Younha & Nishino Kana very well though.

TV shows though I'm not in fandoms at all: Seinfeld, Friends, Full House, Frasier, House (s1-3), Scrubs, Gossip Girl, Castle, White Collar, Glee

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PS: I pretend that I know Japanese. I know that I'm annoying, but hey, all of my Japanese is self-taught and memorizing kanji from songs is how I learn. Feel free to correct me / tell me to stfu anytime m(_ _)m

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"mean people suck", 1234567(8)(9?) it's big news!, bo-bo-boa bo-bo-boa-ah follow me, bongzooo〜sfkjalj, doncha_wish_your_girlfriend_was hot like pi, eggplantface=dickface, faaaaa-q, fantastic elastic loverholic robotronic, gd-gd-baby-baby is ohmygawwwd-i'm-so-hawwwt, going! fall down, i'm inside your eye, jeti≠jedi, mighty chest's #deadfisheyes, newsが○○に目指す, oh my god SUN!, punctuating_with unfitting emoticons ಥ_ಥ, s.h.e's fanservice pwns k-t, sexy saliva, they're all aliens, vicycle-vegetable-volleyball-veteran-victory-6, younha/food otp, おっさんか?いや、大ちゃんだ!, なるほど、なるほど, めっちゃDANJAH, アヤカのとつげき英会話!!, マクシマムうまい, 中なんとか, 大家好我們是fay-ren-high飛輪海, 小s = superperv, 小豬♥小鬼, 戸田恵梨香+榮倉奈々+北川景子+北乃きい+井上真央+貫地谷しほり+林依晨♥, 若干気まずいなふたり, 草noooooマン, 裸で何が悪い?!, 錦城赤山 shirts, 봄토리♥싼토끼!, 옥녀시대, NEWS
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