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Yes, I am editing and using the post that LJ automatically makes.

I f-lock anything with My Name, my Real Face, or whining about school/real life.
Feel free to add me, but please introduce yourself on this post or I won't add you back. You aren't missing that much, really.

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My parents came to visit today!
Dad: Where the fuck is Costco?! Why are we in the middle of nowhere! I hate this place.
Me: ...........which is why you forced me to come here...?
Didn't get a response to that haha. It was still nice seeing them though, I can't believe that it's only been a week since I got here!

The Song Letter Meme
The Rules:
1. Reply to this post with PURIPURIPRETTY and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.
I got P from [ profile] myxstorie:
Angela Zhang - Pocket's Sky (口袋的天空 Kou Dai de Tian Kong) [Pandora album, track 8]
Do As Infinity - Painful [Break Of Dawn album, track 9]
Perfume - plastic smile [Game album, track 2]
TegoMasu - POWER OF EARTH [Tegomasu no Uta album, track 9]

and D from [ profile] crystallekil (wow, these are like... my favorite songs from each of the artists XD):
Do As Infinity - Desire [Desire single]
NEWS - DREAMS [Akaku Moyuru Taiyou single, track 4]
Sawajiri Erika - Destination Nowhere [Destination Nowhere single]
Utada Hikaru - Deep River [Deep River album, track 4]
Younha - Delete [A Perfect Day for a Love Declaration album, track 1]

- I preordered a pamphlet. Yes I know that it is a complete waste of money ($35 actual pamphlet, don't even want to think about shipping -_-), but... the previews were cute.
- I've been a very happy NEWS fangirl lately despite the [ profile] newshfan drama (it's not freaking Oct 1st yet! liar T_T YOU ARE LIEEEEEEEEEEE~♪, NEWS songs can be applied to anything)and will just link to everything instead of squee-ing at every line haha:
- Pi = Jin + In the name of the moon, Tego will punish you!
- Ryo licked Massu's cheek
- Massu initiated some RyoMassu fanservice
- Male ShigeMassu fans!!♥ ... &Ryo says the f word
- [ profile] daelite's fanreports: 001, 002, 003, & a timeline of the (gross) costumes XD

+ NEWS LIVEx3 Pamphlet translation
Seriously, NEWS' costumes are the ugliest JE costumes I've ever seen, and idgaf & am so so excited to see performaces of Aki no Sora, Endless Summer, Umareshi Kimi e, & Iitai Dake. And the NEWS air gondolas, lol, what a name... they're like blimps, not gondolas~ ;P

Look, I will be a good kid and go to sleep on time tonight to wake up for my 9:00 lecture :)

ETA: you got my love, you are my sexy girl LMFAO FAHRENHEIT, I LOVE YOU. hardest I've laughed at an MV for a while. Last time I laughed so hard was... for Super Hot XD
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Ignore this. In progress.

Just watch Wendy not actually delete her journal. I love [ profile] newshfan/Wendy, but at times... She got me into fandom with her subs since I watched all of her subbed version of N.E.W.S. on youtube & then found her LJ and downloaded everything. But this past year especially, her sarcastic, funny comments weren't funny anymore. I mean, actually putting in the effort to cut Kame out of YamaNade promo? Hating on KusaUchi ...T^T (lol jk, I'm just being the annoying 8nin fan I am). But anyways, I hope you don't stop subbing, Wendy. Even if you have typos and sometimes your translations can be a bit off, I prefer speed & download your files when I don't want to download the huge sizes for raws haha. I wanted to copy-paste her summaries too since they make me laugh, but I want to keep this organized.

I don't know if she's planning on getting rid of her MU/MF/SS/etc accounts or not... but she better not. I just copy-pasted from there -______- It would suck to be a new NEWS fan and not get to watch these.


Ya-Ya-yah Show )
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→ Hotaru no Hikari ep 10
cut for super cuteee but spoiler-y gifs )
cute 「大人のホタルさん」 :D

→ Autumn's Concerto
I haven't watched a tdrama for about 2 years now (lol JE took over), but with W's constant pushing, I (finally) started watching this. It's really cute though a bit too dramatic for me... but it's so cute that I don't care. And there's a lot of pretty people (Vanness, Ady An, Tiffany Xu!♥). That always helps haha... They mentioned ProDai!

→ Jin!
Someone made Jin UTB gifs and while it doesn't have Jin saying that Hey Girl is a stupid song with awful lyrics, they're funny. Also #jinakanishi was a success! No thanks to me. Josh said that he called Jin & that Jin was looking at them. Plus Jin might have a twitter... :)

2NE1's comeback stage
a;lskdjakldjaslkja; I hated the songs from their MVs (except for Go Away) though I liked their MVs but eeeee I like Clap Your Hands so much after watching the perf! I've downloaded the album, but I haven't listened to it yet haha. I'm still looping Breathe (ISSA x SoulJa), JYJ's mini album, & Aki no Sora haha...

I don't want to put any spoilers here, so I'll just say this: 'twas cute. I liked it more than the book :) Maki's English was really cute! I have no complaints other than it being too soft and quiet. Tegoshi's English made my weeeek. "Now I'm pissed" sounded like "now I'm paste" in a failed seductive voice. He also called someone a dick. You should watch this even if it's just for that.

→ NEWS' LIVE album & unplugged DVD
As always, I can't wait until I get my album to listen to the songs. The DVD is just sla;dkajsfa;s;lak and I will wait for an HQ download so I can spazz with caps and gifs. As glad as I was that they used SNOW EXPRESS & SUMMER TIME to make it haru-natsu-aki-fuyu, I wish they would do the whole LIVE album haha. /greedy NEWS fan. The album is aslkdj;lasjkad so much better than I thought it would be from the previews. I've been fangirly-happy all day XD
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1) I stalked Yamashita Rina's blog yesterday and wanted to save the links somewhere:
I am a creep )

2) I bought a bunch of shirts from Threadless: Water Balloons, Such a Great Height, & Lost in my Dreams. Reach for the Stars (Hoshi wo Mezashite XD) was sold out :(

3) My toes are bright yellow with a neon pink gradient + pink sparkles. RyoUchi toes! I'd take a picture, but toes are ugly so idwt :P

Happy birthday, Uchi! ♥
Sometimes I wish I didn't like you or Kusano because I know that you two won't come back and there's no point being hopeful, but ...there's also no point knowing NEWS without you two ;P
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1) I found a place to download Hindi songs!!! ldasjkasf;ajlfkajklghaklghal :DDD Ahaha... It's easy to find English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, AND Spanish songs... but it took me 4 years to find a good place to download Hindi songs -__- I had fun downloading songs from 1970s-2010 yesterday xD I was also creeped out how there's a movie with the same title as my mom's name from the 60s and another with the same name as a market/area in the small city she grew up in from the 30s...

2) This is a really pretty picture of Younha:

& Hello!Younha is back! :D

3) W is finally back from visiting England & Canada! I'm going to go hang out with her for the rest of the day~ :D

4) I listed my LJ interests yesterday & had fun making sure that nothing was a hyperlink besides NEWS xD I wonder if anyone besides me can understand them all... See how many you guys get! Comment trying to decipher these xD
"mean people suck", 1234567(8)(9?) it's big news!, bo-bo-boa bo-bo-boa-ah follow me, bongzooo〜sfkjalj, doncha_wish_your_girlfriend_was hot like pi, eggplantface=dickface, faaaaa-q, fantastic elastic loverholic robotronic, gd-gd-baby-baby is ohmygawwwd-i'm-so-hawwwt, going! fall down, i'm inside your eye, jeti≠jedi, mighty chest's #deadfisheyes, newsが○○に目指す, oh my god SUN!, punctuating_with unfitting emoticons ಥ_ಥ, s.h.e's fanservice pwns k-t, sexy saliva, they're all aliens, vicycle-vegetable-volleyball-veteran-victory-6, younha/food otp, おっさんか?いや、大ちゃんだ!, なるほど、なるほど, めっちゃDANJAH, アヤカのとつげき英会話!!, マクシマムうまい, 中なんとか, 大家好我們是fay-ren-high飛輪海, 小s = superperv, 小豬♥小鬼, 戸田恵梨香+榮倉奈々+北川景子+北乃きい+井上真央+貫地谷しほり+林依晨♥, 若干気まずいなふたり, 草noooooマン, 裸で何が悪い?!, 錦城赤山 shirts, 봄토리♥싼토끼!, 옥녀시대

5) Harry Potter meme!
this is long )

I'm still working on that paranoia meme... It's hard D:
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So I'm sure that everyone's noticed the little facebook & twitter boxes at the bottom of comments & when you're posting a new entry... And I really didn't think much of it until I read that this means that people can repost their comments on your locked entries and link your journal that way to their facebook/twitter.

I don't know about you guys, but I do not want my LJ and FB to ever be connected. I have 2 RL friends on LJ (& one more friend knows about my account), but I trust them to not tell all 500+ of my real life contacts on facebook that I read slash fanfiction about members of Asian boybands.

I'm not saying that I don't trust you guys, but it is really easy to accidentally click on of those little boxes.

You can find out more about this cross-posting issue here. Please spread the word & vote "NOOO I HATE YOU LJ STOP" on these polls: one & two.

Thank you ♥
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I had a mini friends cut. If you can't see this post, please remove me. If you think that I made a mistake, I didn't. Sorry. But on the plus side, if you hate my guts and have been looking for a chance to get rid of me and weren't sure how to, this is your chance. Though I will be sad if anyone that I kept cuts me, I won't hold it against you and I'd rather not have people who don't like me on my f-list.

And because I don't want a whole post on that...

I felt that this video was too amazing to only share on twitter and that it deserved it's own LJ post. Well, it's sharing with the above and...

...another amazing video which has embedding disabled. And here's a download. Jin discussing LOVEJUICE:
Interviewer: The title "LOVEJUICE" is very... there's a misconception about it
Jin: AHAHA *giggle*
Interviewer: Some people think it's... A lot of people think it's something that it's not supposed to be. I don't know, is it supposed to be that or...
Jin: It's not supposed to be.
Interviewer: What is LOVEJUICE?
Jin: [ ... ] It's a cocktail that your lips produce
Interviewer: Saliva?
Jin: That's gross... if you say saliva. But yeah, it is.
Interviewer: So it's a sexier way to say saliva?
Jin: *giggles* Yeah, a sexier way to say saliva.
[ ... ]
Interviewer: "Her shoulder exposed..." is she naked?
Jin: Yeah :D
Interviewer: ...she's naked?!
Jin: She's... kind of naked.
Interviewer: uhhh so you took off her clothes?
Jin: Yeah. But I didn't write about that.

It's funny that I feel kind of bitchy on Matsujun's birthday.

Have a nice day~♥
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and not from all the Asian moms who shower completely nude at the YMCA community showers though that hurt my eyes too. I don't like my new glasses and ever increasing eye power.

But anyway, that is not the point of posting only a few hours after my last post.

~*~*~KUNTT performing in Hawaii!!~*~*~

Honestly, going to Hawaii is still way too expensive. I think it would be more worth it to go to Japan. (Plus not like I want to see KUNTT that much anyways. I want to go to Jin's solo con more for the sake of supporting JE trying to expand in America. Though they aren't trying. And I don't think Jin's having a tour this fall... -__-)

According to random airplane ticket price calculating sites, SFO to Honolulu is about $750 roundtrip and SFO to Narita Airport, Tokyo is close to $800. While I love Hawaii and getting tickets would probably be easier/cheaper than getting tickets for a concert in Japan, I'd much rather go to Japan seeing as I've been to Hawaii four times already.

But having JE concerts in Hawaii is cool =) I hope they're a success! (And no, not just because I want NEWS to come to the States some day-- I actually do like KAT-TUN. and KUNTT somewhat.)
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Just making this for my own reference. Y'know, for when I'm a millionaire with money to waste.

Title Status Volumes JPN Publisher USA Publisher Cost per Volume Total Cost
Bleach Ongoing 31 USA, 46 JPN Shueisha Viz $7.95 $246.25+ (or $166.95)
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Complete 23 Hakusensha Viz $9.99 229.77
Ouran High School Host Club Ongoing 14 USA, 16 JPN Hakusensha Viz $8.99 $125.86+
Death Note Complete 12+1 Shueisha Viz $7.99 $103.87
Rurouni Kenshin Complete 28 Shueisha Viz $7.95 $222.60
Ranma ½ Complete 36 Shougakukan Viz $9.95 $358.20
Kodocha Complete 10 Shueisha Tokyopop-- OOP ;_; $9.99 $99.90
Yotsubato! Complete 9 ASCII Media Works ADV (1-5) / Yen Press $10.99 $98.91
Azumanga Daioh Complete 4 MediaWorks / Shougakukan ADV / Yen Press $10.99 $43.96
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Ongoing 6 USA, 8 Japan Hakusensha Tokyopop $10.99 $65.40+

Overall total: (well over) $1118.70 (since Bleach, Ouran, & KwMs are still running)
Total if I only get up to the end of Soul Society arc (Bleach): $1039.40
Total if I only get series I have reread 10+ times: $568.42

Conclusion: lmfao, no way. It's not as bad as I thought though. Maybe after I get a job and buy a house and all that. It would be hilarious to go to Kinokuniya as a 40 year old and buy over a thousand dollars worth of shounen/shoujo manga. (which is why this post gets my RL: future plans tag, lmao)
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I finally got around to giffing ( that a word?) the SBS DVD. While pretty much all of the gifs are absolutely useless, I'm posting them anyways just because I need to have a Pi solo con spazzing entry. I can't believe I didn't have one already.

I mock him because I love him )

What I remember about it from watching it 2/3 weeks ago:
- clear audio of Ao, YAY.
- V & my misheard lyrics for Loveless' b-sides are so much funnier during a performance. I hear "won't you ever ever lick a dick" in ME and "you creep on me, you're stuck in me" in Run From You.
- I think he only lipsynched Loveless (maybe MOLA and a few choruses). Good job, Pi :P
- I really liked Snow Express & ME.
- I... couldn't take ~cool Pi~ seriously and ended up laughing at him multiple times. Even though he is cool normally? idk, I don't get myself.

I want to make gifs for SUMMARY's backstage & all of Soukon, but it took me so long to actually get around to doing this so I don't think that giffing 10.5 hours worth of shows is going to happen any time soon.
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Yeah, I'm really bad at thinking up titles. And the title is inaccurate since I'm going to start with a movie...

I made the font white for LIFE, but expect spoilers for everything :P


Kisarazu Cat's Eye, gosh I loved this drama. It was the first drama in a long time to exceed my expectations for it. Eye candy + humor + ridiculous plot + perverted jokes = recipe for a good, fun drama xD This drama has so much crack that it surpasses the combination of Nobuta, HanaKimi, and Stand UP!! It's up there with Nobuta on the "rewatching status" scale. I thought that Bambi/Mohko was the cutest thing ever and I loved Ani. Tsukamoto Takashi is a hot blond. I loved one of the last scenes when the Kisarazu Cats were playing baseball:
Jun: *hesitant to pitch seriously*
Ani: いいから投げる。
Jun: *pitches*
Ani: 本気で投げないよ、バカ!空気読めよ!
If you haven't seen this drama yet... what are you waiting for?! There's so much pretty: Okada Junichi, Sakurai Sho, Sato Ryuuta (though he has an afro), Tsukamoto Takashi, & Narimiya Hiroki (in a minor role). It's hilarious. The village drunkard is like a rooster who yells ”朝だよ~” every morning. The drama opens with the main boys chanting "beer! beer! beer!" I think I'll burn this drama on a DVD. I like this drama enough to spend a whole DVD on it! xD

Liar Game )

My Boss My Hero )


And now let's talk about American TV for a bit:
- This website's recaps inspired me to actually catch up with Gossip Girl. Thank goodness V has all of it downloaded already xD
- I think I love Twilight. Seriously guys. It has inspired some of the best parodies ever: Jersey Shore / Jimmy Kimmel version, Vampires Suck movie, & the Akamepi fanfic series. Thank you for giving the world something that is so much fun to mock, Stephenie Meyers.
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I'm not good at coming up with titles.

Why I'm excited for the NEWS album:
- I tend to like album tracks that aren't singles more than the singles. Koi Yake and IZANAIZUKI are two of my favorite NEWS songs.
- A continuation of Chirarizumu/Murarisuto? :D?
- Studio version of share asdklsajaskdla :D I like my N.E.W.S. DVD rip of SNOW EXPRESS better than the one on color, but I want a clear version of share.
- GReeeeN x NEWS collab! I love GReeeeN and weeeek was what introduced me to NEWS :) (though I'd much rather have another weeeek-like hit be a single. even if I can't afford it if it's a double release like pacific & weeeek)
- First NEWS album being released while I'm actively in fandom. idk, it's just exciting.
- I can probably get it as a "farewell eldest daughter, we will miss you ;__;" present from my parents because they're already acting like that.

Why I'm excited for Younha's album:
- omfg her first album since her debut Japanese album in 2005. Her compilation "Teen Songs" or whatever doesn't count.
- I'm hoping that it will have some new songs too, not just all her singles since Touch... but I really wouldn't mind either way :P
- I get irrationally excited about things related to Younha. I was all sad when it was announced that she had swine flu, whereas when I heard that Yamapi and Ryo had it (before Younha did) I was all "meh, they won't die."
- saklfjalkfjjejfal :D

I have enough money from tutoring to buy both... but still, that's so fucking expensive T_T
Buying the Younha one is more about ~supporting the artist~ and I know that I can buy the NEWS one later (je_sales, yahoo auctions, etc), but... I want it.

Unnecessary stuff I want to buy with money I don't have:
- Nishino Kana's second album. Because I have her first one and I do not have enough money to buy all her singles. Girl released singles like crazy after Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara!
- Pi's One In a Million LE-B. For the photo. Stupid Pi, why do you have to be so pretty.
- I had a lot more of jpop things I wanted to buy, but really, there's no way I can afford more than 3 albums. I'm okay with waiting for both Kana & Pi because I know I can buy the RE of Kana's later & there'll be copies of Pi's on je_sales months from now too :P

Since this post is focused on music... go listen to this Pokemon + sexual innuendos song if you haven't heard it before. I haven't heard it yet (my parents are home, all my headphones are broken), but I saw the lyrics and damn whoever wrote that is skilled.

I broke my MLIA addiction 3 or 4 months ago, but I still read a few pages when I'm bored. A lot of the posts were about I had fun trying to talk to it about JE.

it said that my life was a waste for being a NEWS fan T__T )

Also, my photobucket died D: My beautiful Pin post, ruined! Ah well, I'm just gonna wait for my limit to reset on August 18th. I don't care enough to reupload everything.
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I'm back from India!

I'm sick, on my period, dehydrated, and exhausted from the stupid plane journey. I hate motion sickness. And jet lag. I know I should have tried harder to sleep last night, but after spending 2 hours wide awake on my bed, I gave up and reread Harry Potter 6 & parts of 7 and went to sleep at 7 in the morning.

Ever since I was little, I tried to keep a diary of what I did on vacations. Notice the use of the word "try" ...I never managed to. I noted what I did for like the first three days and then got bored of it. But not this time! Whoo, first time ever keeping a full log. First time ever being that bored on vacation :P Not that I didn't enjoy my trip; it was very relaxing being away from my father. Anyway, I have plenty to spam you all about when I'm feeling a little better (and after I'm done researching college stuff / orientation).

I have to leave the house in about 10 minutes for my yearly physical (wait, is this my last one? I'm covered by my parents insurance for sure until I'm 22.... actually, I think until I'm 26... ahh, idk)

Uhhm, anyone want to tell me what happened in fandom this past month? :D? Has NEWS done anything? haha...

To make your job simple if you actually do want to catch me up, I care about NEWS, KAT-TUN, Arashi, V6, and anything that affects JE as a whole. Catching up with the rest of jpop is fairly easy, just look up new releases on [ profile] jpop_uploads and read through [ profile] aramatheydidnt. I stopped paying attention to kpop and really do not care unless DBSK gets back together or there's a YG concert in San Francisco, 2 equally unlikely events.

abrupt ending to this post because I'm late and tired, byebye.


Jun. 14th, 2010 06:04 pm
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Off to India with my mom & little sister for one month, be back July 15th ♥

Excited to see family!
Not excited for heat, mosquitoes, airplanes (motion sickness T_T), & lack of Internet.

June 15th 1:00 AM - flight from SFO
Hong Kong 1 hour stopover
Singapore 10 hour stopover, yay! :D [SFO → Singapore = 19 hours]
Calcutta, India [Singapore → India = 5 hours]
Spend 1 night in Calcutta with dad's parents, ew.
Spend the next night with Mom's uncle.
2 hour train ride to mom's parents' town.
Spend rest of month there, yay.
Singapore 3 hour stopover
Seoul 1 hour stopover
July 15th idk the time - back at San Francisco. Maybe we can tell my dad to pick us up late & hang around there for the rest of the afternoon. With all our luggage... xD


lol I haven't slept properly for 2 weeks; I don't want to use full sentences.
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I'm staying up watching Azumanga Daioh with Spanish subs and my brain cannot process Spanish and Japanese at the same time...

I'm done with finals, graduation's on Thursday, and a lot of stuff is going on. I'll update on real life some time soon; I needed to make other people watch this :Dv

Crystal Kay's FLASH PV HD Download!

PS: Welcome [ profile] hageshii_ame! 8D
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6 years since NEWS' official debut today~ :D

This song is so lame. The costumes in the PV are painful to look at. The "off shoot" parts of the PV show NEWS wasn't filled with member-ai and whatnot from the start.

...and I still love this song.
~*~NEWS power~*~

So in life today, I had school from 9 to 11. Only art class! I dropped stats. I called my college and they said that my admission wouldn't be affected and I would probably be able to skip statistics with my AP score result (*crosses fingers*). My mom wanted me to drop it since the first week of school. I didn't want to because it's like... giving up. It is giving up-- but I also didn't wanna work my ass off for a C. My schedule is so nice now, pretty much no stress at school :D

but I also feel like an idiot since I could have dropped it 5 months ago at the beginning of the semester with the same benefits and no W on my transcript -__-

You know you love my amazing transitions. Here, a funny PiKame gif
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and if you follow me on twitter, you would know that I'm not really doing well with the whole ~no fandom / studying~ thing ...

Breaking my fail hiatus just to post this on Younha's birthday.

Happy 22nd~!

So sad that this is probably the closest I'll ever be to my first kpop love. Please do manage to have international concerts someday!! :D

& also... KUSANO & REIO, WHAT.



I'm gonna fail my exams if I catch up on my f-list tonight. Just one week until AP tests are done. Ganbatte, self.
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While I am aware that arama has beat me to it, I want my own list / I'm tired of following celebrities I don't care about on twitter. And I want to clear up my bookmarks for the blogs.

Feel free to link me to more people~
lol also feel free to ignore this spam xD // twittahhh )

Blogs:very incomplete list of blogs because most of my bookmarks are on my broken laptop )
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Though they're really the only interesting parts of YamaNade 8.

one step and two step to the left, to the left )

Yes, that's all.

I'm just excited about gifs, okay.


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