Sep. 12th, 2010

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→ Hotaru no Hikari ep 10
cut for super cuteee but spoiler-y gifs )
cute 「大人のホタルさん」 :D

→ Autumn's Concerto
I haven't watched a tdrama for about 2 years now (lol JE took over), but with W's constant pushing, I (finally) started watching this. It's really cute though a bit too dramatic for me... but it's so cute that I don't care. And there's a lot of pretty people (Vanness, Ady An, Tiffany Xu!♥). That always helps haha... They mentioned ProDai!

→ Jin!
Someone made Jin UTB gifs and while it doesn't have Jin saying that Hey Girl is a stupid song with awful lyrics, they're funny. Also #jinakanishi was a success! No thanks to me. Josh said that he called Jin & that Jin was looking at them. Plus Jin might have a twitter... :)

2NE1's comeback stage
a;lskdjakldjaslkja; I hated the songs from their MVs (except for Go Away) though I liked their MVs but eeeee I like Clap Your Hands so much after watching the perf! I've downloaded the album, but I haven't listened to it yet haha. I'm still looping Breathe (ISSA x SoulJa), JYJ's mini album, & Aki no Sora haha...

I don't want to put any spoilers here, so I'll just say this: 'twas cute. I liked it more than the book :) Maki's English was really cute! I have no complaints other than it being too soft and quiet. Tegoshi's English made my weeeek. "Now I'm pissed" sounded like "now I'm paste" in a failed seductive voice. He also called someone a dick. You should watch this even if it's just for that.

→ NEWS' LIVE album & unplugged DVD
As always, I can't wait until I get my album to listen to the songs. The DVD is just sla;dkajsfa;s;lak and I will wait for an HQ download so I can spazz with caps and gifs. As glad as I was that they used SNOW EXPRESS & SUMMER TIME to make it haru-natsu-aki-fuyu, I wish they would do the whole LIVE album haha. /greedy NEWS fan. The album is aslkdj;lasjkad so much better than I thought it would be from the previews. I've been fangirly-happy all day XD


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