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I'm not good at coming up with titles.

Why I'm excited for the NEWS album:
- I tend to like album tracks that aren't singles more than the singles. Koi Yake and IZANAIZUKI are two of my favorite NEWS songs.
- A continuation of Chirarizumu/Murarisuto? :D?
- Studio version of share asdklsajaskdla :D I like my N.E.W.S. DVD rip of SNOW EXPRESS better than the one on color, but I want a clear version of share.
- GReeeeN x NEWS collab! I love GReeeeN and weeeek was what introduced me to NEWS :) (though I'd much rather have another weeeek-like hit be a single. even if I can't afford it if it's a double release like pacific & weeeek)
- First NEWS album being released while I'm actively in fandom. idk, it's just exciting.
- I can probably get it as a "farewell eldest daughter, we will miss you ;__;" present from my parents because they're already acting like that.

Why I'm excited for Younha's album:
- omfg her first album since her debut Japanese album in 2005. Her compilation "Teen Songs" or whatever doesn't count.
- I'm hoping that it will have some new songs too, not just all her singles since Touch... but I really wouldn't mind either way :P
- I get irrationally excited about things related to Younha. I was all sad when it was announced that she had swine flu, whereas when I heard that Yamapi and Ryo had it (before Younha did) I was all "meh, they won't die."
- saklfjalkfjjejfal :D

I have enough money from tutoring to buy both... but still, that's so fucking expensive T_T
Buying the Younha one is more about ~supporting the artist~ and I know that I can buy the NEWS one later (je_sales, yahoo auctions, etc), but... I want it.

Unnecessary stuff I want to buy with money I don't have:
- Nishino Kana's second album. Because I have her first one and I do not have enough money to buy all her singles. Girl released singles like crazy after Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara!
- Pi's One In a Million LE-B. For the photo. Stupid Pi, why do you have to be so pretty.
- I had a lot more of jpop things I wanted to buy, but really, there's no way I can afford more than 3 albums. I'm okay with waiting for both Kana & Pi because I know I can buy the RE of Kana's later & there'll be copies of Pi's on je_sales months from now too :P

Since this post is focused on music... go listen to this Pokemon + sexual innuendos song if you haven't heard it before. I haven't heard it yet (my parents are home, all my headphones are broken), but I saw the lyrics and damn whoever wrote that is skilled.

I broke my MLIA addiction 3 or 4 months ago, but I still read a few pages when I'm bored. A lot of the posts were about I had fun trying to talk to it about JE.

it said that my life was a waste for being a NEWS fan T__T )

Also, my photobucket died D: My beautiful Pin post, ruined! Ah well, I'm just gonna wait for my limit to reset on August 18th. I don't care enough to reupload everything.
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Just screencaps + random commentary. Lots of "wth Kame's hot" and "UCHIIIIII"
I watched it on youtube on my ipod so these caps are very small + I still downloaded the first episode -.-


Before the first episode was aired, I told V&W what I thought perfect casting for YamaNade would be based on my impressions of JE personalities:
kyohei: kame --> kusano
ranmaru: uchi--> kame
yuki: tegoshi--> tegoshi
mori: ballet guy--> ...hmmm a playboy.... jin?
sunako main girl: oomasa aya (pi's little sister in buzzer beat)--> ....maki? just because of nobuta
naie/noi: idk--> ...aragaki yui? no. idk, someone cute/girly but still tough.

but that means no uchi so whatever :P

V: ahahahaha jin as a ballerina XD

me: xD no, the role is playboy. the actor is uh... a ballerina. yeah, idk. but he looks decent so tev, im obviously not watching this for the amazing acting.

V: now i wanna see jin as a ballerina.... if you ever get bored and have photoshop handy.. ;D

So I leave you with badly photoshopped ballerina Jin:

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college apps done. finals over. welcome, senior year, I've been waiting.
I am now a second semester seniorrr
It deserves sparkles, okay. and spazzy Massu mood theme hahaha

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! :D Hopefully my 17th year will be very very fun :)
I'm going to go through my f-list and comment on everyone's entries from the past... week. Wow it feels like it's been way longer.
Oh boy. I don't even want to try to check my "communities only f-list" ([ profile] stinky259's f-list). ...whatever, I have winter break :D
I like how missing ONE WEEK feels like so much fandom-wise. That's pretty sad.

Happy holidays! / sorry for the spam to come :P
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but I don't care.


BEST DRAMA CAST... EVER. unless we get a Pin drama next year after Code Blue 2.

I have nothing to say other than: kafhaihq93urqh rilq :DDDD uchi!

LOL that's why I'm not watching kattunlove
and look what I saw at news_jpop. Tomapi JFC VTR <3

Why is JE fandom busiest when I'm busiest. Kay, back to work!
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very nice thing to wake up to♥

and this is probably the bajillionth time you're seeing this on your f-list.

more Pi screencaps shamelessly stolen from watchful21! )

and TegoPi that I don't want to put under the cut... because TegoPi?! even Yamapi doesn't get it.

My in-order to-do list which is stopping me from watching it right now
not important, dont click :P )

have a happy Halloween and nice weekend everyone :)


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