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New default icon: I'm sorry Yamapi, but Younha's cuter than you.

I watched the first two episodes of Massugu na Otoko (Sato Ryuta, Fukada Kyoko, Kanjiya Shihori, some cute guy). It's kinda slow, but it's funny and easy enough to understand that I don't need subs (unlike Code Blue 2 T__T) so I'll be watching it regularly~
capspam!! because taking screencaps is fun. )

My parents like to buy me stuff when they feel guilty for spoiling my little sister (ex: laptop, ipod, etc), but not let me use them. My dad took away my laptop and changed the password last April, but I finally got it back this week :) I've been catching up on kevjumba, nigahiga, and sxephil since youtube isn't blocked on my laptop haha. He didn't tell me the password, but he logged in for me and I don't need the password unless the computer shuts itself down or something. But of course, I need to exchange something for it. So I deleted everything from my ~pretty new itouch~ and he'll force my mom to return it. It was really fun and all, but it's not worth putting up with his constant bitching. If I realllly want to play some of the games, I'll just steal W's iphone.

I can't speak English... well, I can, but... I don't know. <-- haha, see?
Yesterday while volunteering at the hospital I volunteer at every week, I had to keep on asking the gift shop customers to repeat themselves. However, I was able to read 3 acts of Hamlet ...fluently. lol yes, Shakespeare is a foreign language I normally wouldn't complain about being able to enjoy Shakespeare, but this is weird.

Since I can't speak English, no segues.

Last night we went to a family friend's house and the sophomore and I watched a really good scifi movie. Moon! I didn't get to finish it, but I will go rent it when I come back.

Come back from where? Well, not the Hikki concert. UTADA HIKARU IS AN HOUR AWAY FROM ME IN SAN FRANCISCO AND WHY THE HELL DID I NOT GET TICKETS. I knew this would happen, I knew I would regret not getting tickets Dx
...BUT THAT'S OKAY (even if the setlist is amazing sklafjalkj) because I am going to be cabin leader / camp counselor at science camp all of next week!

No electronics (or school) for a week, I can do this :D

- pack clothes, I'm leaving tonight
- decide what textbooks to bring... physics and statistics for sure. econ needed?
- print all lit homework
- be sad that I'm missing the first school rally after seniors lost homecoming
- and the basketball game against our #1 rival school (in studies, not sports xD)
- not hit my sister in front of other kids there. that would count as abuse.
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Just screencaps + random commentary. Lots of "wth Kame's hot" and "UCHIIIIII"
I watched it on youtube on my ipod so these caps are very small + I still downloaded the first episode -.-


Before the first episode was aired, I told V&W what I thought perfect casting for YamaNade would be based on my impressions of JE personalities:
kyohei: kame --> kusano
ranmaru: uchi--> kame
yuki: tegoshi--> tegoshi
mori: ballet guy--> ...hmmm a playboy.... jin?
sunako main girl: oomasa aya (pi's little sister in buzzer beat)--> ....maki? just because of nobuta
naie/noi: idk--> ...aragaki yui? no. idk, someone cute/girly but still tough.

but that means no uchi so whatever :P

V: ahahahaha jin as a ballerina XD

me: xD no, the role is playboy. the actor is uh... a ballerina. yeah, idk. but he looks decent so tev, im obviously not watching this for the amazing acting.

V: now i wanna see jin as a ballerina.... if you ever get bored and have photoshop handy.. ;D

So I leave you with badly photoshopped ballerina Jin:

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*title = boku no mirai wo terashiteru (my future shines). college apps gogogo

Something's wrong when I read "interested in Pomology" as "interested in pornography" while looking at scholarship opportunities. And I clicked the box next to it too -____-

While we're talking about porn, KoyaShige pimp post.
haha just kidding xD
I haven't gone through the whole thing yet, but all those links to Jweb entries seem very promising♥

TomaPi! TakkiPi! (I still need to read fanreports and find more on Nakamaru & Koki. Koki went, right?)
...I downloaded KAT-TUN's QoP DVD to take a screencap of Pin. I took 70. whoops.
After I finish college apps (almost done! :D), I think I'll try to do a Pin pimp post.

Very relevant Arashi capspam time! I watched the making of the Crazy Moon PV a while ago, but completely forgot until I tried to clean out my computer a bit and found all my screencaps.

I'm too lazy to resize them to not kill my layout. I want a layout where when you click on the post title, it becomes normal (like [ profile] newshfan's as an example) but stays how I have it right now when someone sees my journal. But I don't know how to code :(

21 caps, close to 800x600 )

Eikura Nana, Kaname Jun, and Fujiki Naohito. I'm watching this xD


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