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and not from all the Asian moms who shower completely nude at the YMCA community showers though that hurt my eyes too. I don't like my new glasses and ever increasing eye power.

But anyway, that is not the point of posting only a few hours after my last post.

~*~*~KUNTT performing in Hawaii!!~*~*~

Honestly, going to Hawaii is still way too expensive. I think it would be more worth it to go to Japan. (Plus not like I want to see KUNTT that much anyways. I want to go to Jin's solo con more for the sake of supporting JE trying to expand in America. Though they aren't trying. And I don't think Jin's having a tour this fall... -__-)

According to random airplane ticket price calculating sites, SFO to Honolulu is about $750 roundtrip and SFO to Narita Airport, Tokyo is close to $800. While I love Hawaii and getting tickets would probably be easier/cheaper than getting tickets for a concert in Japan, I'd much rather go to Japan seeing as I've been to Hawaii four times already.

But having JE concerts in Hawaii is cool =) I hope they're a success! (And no, not just because I want NEWS to come to the States some day-- I actually do like KAT-TUN. and KUNTT somewhat.)
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Just making this for my own reference. Y'know, for when I'm a millionaire with money to waste.

Title Status Volumes JPN Publisher USA Publisher Cost per Volume Total Cost
Bleach Ongoing 31 USA, 46 JPN Shueisha Viz $7.95 $246.25+ (or $166.95)
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Complete 23 Hakusensha Viz $9.99 229.77
Ouran High School Host Club Ongoing 14 USA, 16 JPN Hakusensha Viz $8.99 $125.86+
Death Note Complete 12+1 Shueisha Viz $7.99 $103.87
Rurouni Kenshin Complete 28 Shueisha Viz $7.95 $222.60
Ranma ½ Complete 36 Shougakukan Viz $9.95 $358.20
Kodocha Complete 10 Shueisha Tokyopop-- OOP ;_; $9.99 $99.90
Yotsubato! Complete 9 ASCII Media Works ADV (1-5) / Yen Press $10.99 $98.91
Azumanga Daioh Complete 4 MediaWorks / Shougakukan ADV / Yen Press $10.99 $43.96
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Ongoing 6 USA, 8 Japan Hakusensha Tokyopop $10.99 $65.40+

Overall total: (well over) $1118.70 (since Bleach, Ouran, & KwMs are still running)
Total if I only get up to the end of Soul Society arc (Bleach): $1039.40
Total if I only get series I have reread 10+ times: $568.42

Conclusion: lmfao, no way. It's not as bad as I thought though. Maybe after I get a job and buy a house and all that. It would be hilarious to go to Kinokuniya as a 40 year old and buy over a thousand dollars worth of shounen/shoujo manga. (which is why this post gets my RL: future plans tag, lmao)


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