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*title = boku no mirai wo terashiteru (my future shines). college apps gogogo

Something's wrong when I read "interested in Pomology" as "interested in pornography" while looking at scholarship opportunities. And I clicked the box next to it too -____-

While we're talking about porn, KoyaShige pimp post.
haha just kidding xD
I haven't gone through the whole thing yet, but all those links to Jweb entries seem very promising♥

TomaPi! TakkiPi! (I still need to read fanreports and find more on Nakamaru & Koki. Koki went, right?)
...I downloaded KAT-TUN's QoP DVD to take a screencap of Pin. I took 70. whoops.
After I finish college apps (almost done! :D), I think I'll try to do a Pin pimp post.

Very relevant Arashi capspam time! I watched the making of the Crazy Moon PV a while ago, but completely forgot until I tried to clean out my computer a bit and found all my screencaps.

I'm too lazy to resize them to not kill my layout. I want a layout where when you click on the post title, it becomes normal (like [ profile] newshfan's as an example) but stays how I have it right now when someone sees my journal. But I don't know how to code :(

21 caps, close to 800x600 )

Eikura Nana, Kaname Jun, and Fujiki Naohito. I'm watching this xD
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What I do during school...

His hand is like that because either (a) idk what to do when drawing hands or (b) he's fixing his belt. You decide why ;D

edit: shoot I forgot the Kusanoman cape. That's why it looked so weird.

It's weird for me to like Massu. Not that I don't like him, I just like him least out of NEWS. He's usually too quiet / everyone else is too loud xD

I can't decide if I like Massu's PV best or Shige's. The first time I watched all of them, Shige won by a huge margin. And while I still like Sha La La Tambourine a lot, Ive only watched it 3 times. Whereas I've watched Superman at least 10 times in the past 2 days. theory = I like any song with "super" as the first word.

SUPER song pimpinggg )

and just to throw this in here...

pshh LJ cut for pictures I bothered to copypaste the thumbnail code for :P )

Happy birthday, sexy Osaka man♥
You're 8 years older than me. But 8's my favorite number so that is now a good thing =)
I'm glad you were born.
I love anyone who's a bitch to Kame
And I want to link to this translation too but I can't think of anything to say.

to take away from Ryo a bit...

1) I've started using imageshack since my photobucket died and I like it a lot more.
2) Daylight savings is nice because it's only 7pm right now and it feels like I have more time for homework. Daylight savings is not nice because it gets dark at 5 -___-
3) I've eaten enough Halloween candy to survive with just water for at least a week.
4) I finally downloaded Photoshop!!! Now I just have to figure out how to use it.

edit2: gahhh I FAIL as an Arashi fan. Apparently today's their anniversary. Whoops. Oh well, Ryo's more important. They get to have this uploaded.


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