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I forced my friends V & W to watch SUMMARY's backstage with me since we were bored and I just finished downloading it and we ended up talking about it later online. They know all of NEWS' 8, but only half of KAT-TUN. So first impressions:
W: "taguchi = changmin look alike. ueda = the super fugly creeper*. koki = friendless creeper but he was funny. nakamaru = the only one i knew other than jin and kame in the first place but hes massus best friend and hes MC with koyama (god why cant i remember gov stuff that easily =_=) kame = he was the best charachter in nobuta, but apparently he sucks. jin = is pregnant with yamapis child. "
*her words, not mine D:

If someone not in fandom AT ALL (I force it down her throat, but that doesn't count :Dv) thinks that... well, that says something.

There's not really anything new in here and it's not very thorough. So it's basically a picspam with fangirling and tons of sparkles. But I still want to type this:


Yamapi wrote the song 'World Is Yours' on his 3rd solo single, One In A Million. He said that he wrote it for a close friend. As a delusional fangirl, I would like to think that it's for Jin regarding his recent departure from KAT-TUN:

透明の道  色付くよ 不思議なほど 鮮やかに
両手いっぱい 筆を持って さぁ 描けよ 誰にも描けない 明日を
I can fly できない事なんてない 大空 羽ばたく 未来が見える
Trust yourself 信じて 君の力 大空 羽ばたく 翼があるだろ
World is yours~

Let's paint the transparent path with a miraculous vividness
Hold on to the brush with both hands, let's paint. Let's paint the tomorrow that no one else could.
I can fly, nothing is impossible. Spread your wings towards the sky, and you can see the future.
Trust yourself, believe in your strength. Just fly towards the sky, you have wings, right?
World is yours~

Japanese lyrics transcribed by Facebook's A-chan, translated by me with and summer course knowledge.

What more do you need? They advertise it themselves. Pi shows Jin off in a non idol magazine. Jin's dog's named Pin, okay. Jin's mother chose that name. It's nice that his mother is supportive of this relationship. /bricked.

Spread the Pin love! \o/
Feel free to correct me / add on! :D
and just let me know if links are messed up or I have to reupload anything
...or if you're a subber and you don't want your stuff here :(

Please don't bother any of the sources with requests (like, if an original post is locked, don't add the person just to see that post)-- just ask me and I'll hopefully be able to help.

I started this in December 2009, and finished it July 2010. I apologize for it being choppy and not flowing together, but I did it in chunks spread over a long time period. I know that it isn't as professional and cool as other pimp posts, but I tried ;__;

EDIT: DON'T HOTLINK, PEOPLE. I just got a warning email about my bandwidth from Photobucket.
EDIT 2: DAMMIT MY BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED. I'm not going to bother reuploading all of these pictures. My limit will reset August 18th. I wonder why Photobucket didn't remove my images yet though it sent me an email... It's all gone ;__; I hope you hotlinkers are happy.


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