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There was a post on news_jpop about how their number of pages in some magazine are decreasing and the entire post was ~omg why so inactive~ etc. I just... don't want the OP to attack me there so I'll talk about NEWS however I like on my own journal.

Am I the only person that likes NEWS for how they can have all separate activities? Okay sure, so I'm mostly a Yamapi fan which is why I love all his solo stuff, but I really do like the rest of NEWS just as much, I'm not like those "pipi-chan so kawaii ne" fans.

Seriously, isn't it a benefit to NEWS that they can be a group where all of their members can have separate activities? I understand that there is a popularity gap like Yamapi, Ryo | KoyaShigeTegoMasu, but you're going to have that in every group. Unless Johnny-san made a group with Yamapi, Jin, Kame, Toma, Ryo, and Matsujun. Actually, there probably still would be a popularity gap-- it would develop eventually. Not to mention that that would be a very strange group.

Anyways, maybe I'm too positive, but whenever fans worry about NEWS breaking up, I just laugh at them. Are you fucking serious? I know that they haven't done much this year. That doesn't mean they're breaking up. They had a single that charted at 11th on the yearly charts even though there wasn't that much promotion, why the hell would Johnny disband them now. If he really hated NEWS like people say, then NEWS wouldn't have come back during that 2006-2007 Countdown. Johnny-san doesn't like one group more than another, he's there for the money. Of course there's people in the agency he likes more, but really, I think he uses his marketing skills, not favoritism. Arashi is just selling crazy well, why would he not use this opportunity to the fullest?

Maybe it's because I became a NEWS fan this year that I can't actually see their inactivity. I think that's probably it. But I like NEWS this way. Of course I want the members to actually see each other and interact with each other, but I do know that Yamapi and Ryo are still in a separate league from "the rest of them." I believe that they're all friends now, but that doesn't change the fact that Japanese people (hell, superficial LJ-ers like me too) like Yamapi and Ryo more.

"Ryo won't be with NEWS for Countdown, of course NEWS is breaking up!" ... At first I didn't get why people were saying that Ryo wouldn't be at Countdown because all I do for Kanjani8 is watch eitokickass. After finding out that Ryo won't be at Countdown with NEWS because Kanjani8 is having a concert tour, I thought "aww no Kanjani8 at Countdown this year" instead of "no Ryo in NEWS." Maybe that seems more rational to me because I'm a brat and I think that I'm always right.

It's 11:11 and I wish for NEWS fans to stop whining and just get along.

I refuse to put this under a cut, so for those of you who read this, you get a prize!

scans of some random NEWS book full of papa pics from Kinokuniya~


MF zip - 51 pictures
my scanning skills are nonexistent, but really, who cares.

I'd share it at news_jpop so more than 10 people get to see it, but idk how official it is / I don't want a bunch of annoying people commenting about paparazzi pictures.

Feel free to share the link / reupload / whatever.

I think I'll go for a midnight run to nowhere, everything's closed. If my dad gets away from the TV and goes to bed any time soon.
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Firstly, slfkwajlkrwar;pwahrp;ewww college apps. I will read my f-list and post like 50 entries as soon as I finish UC apps and some supplementals for privates. and first semester finals. I kinda fail at hiatus :(
notes to self on what to post about:
- Tokyo DOGS first episode capspam
- Arashi Making Of Crazy Moon capspam
- NEWS Diamond DVD spam
- actually... everything fandom related for the past... week. It feels like it's been longer. :O maybe I'm already addicted to posting even though I have like 5 entries xD
- RL bitching
- Halloween etc adventures
- Our own family zoo and the doggy added to it :D
- How to have fun on a weekend when your parents aren't home and you live in a place where there's nothing to do outside besides eat. / yay sleepovers!
- and.... think of stuff later haha

Secondly, I still haven't listened to anything other than Loveless. I'm kind of scared to see what the English is like xD. And Yamapi, it's "la luz de la luna." And there's no need for the "a" in front of "luz" because the line before already says "to" in English. I hope I'm right and my 5 years of studying Spanish in school weren't completely useless.

Lastly, even though it's been out for a while now, I feel like I should try to give back to fandom somehow.

I'll shut up now. Download links under the cut xD

Loveless Single LE version B, scanned & ripped :) )

go ahead and share, I don't care :D
I will be crossposting like no other with my other username ([ profile] stinky259). That's why you shouldn't actually watch [ profile] news_jpop, [ profile] nippon_news, and [ profile] boys_paper.
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What I do during school...

His hand is like that because either (a) idk what to do when drawing hands or (b) he's fixing his belt. You decide why ;D

edit: shoot I forgot the Kusanoman cape. That's why it looked so weird.

It's weird for me to like Massu. Not that I don't like him, I just like him least out of NEWS. He's usually too quiet / everyone else is too loud xD

I can't decide if I like Massu's PV best or Shige's. The first time I watched all of them, Shige won by a huge margin. And while I still like Sha La La Tambourine a lot, Ive only watched it 3 times. Whereas I've watched Superman at least 10 times in the past 2 days. theory = I like any song with "super" as the first word.

SUPER song pimpinggg )

and just to throw this in here...

pshh LJ cut for pictures I bothered to copypaste the thumbnail code for :P )

Happy birthday, sexy Osaka man♥
You're 8 years older than me. But 8's my favorite number so that is now a good thing =)
I'm glad you were born.
I love anyone who's a bitch to Kame
And I want to link to this translation too but I can't think of anything to say.

to take away from Ryo a bit...

1) I've started using imageshack since my photobucket died and I like it a lot more.
2) Daylight savings is nice because it's only 7pm right now and it feels like I have more time for homework. Daylight savings is not nice because it gets dark at 5 -___-
3) I've eaten enough Halloween candy to survive with just water for at least a week.
4) I finally downloaded Photoshop!!! Now I just have to figure out how to use it.

edit2: gahhh I FAIL as an Arashi fan. Apparently today's their anniversary. Whoops. Oh well, Ryo's more important. They get to have this uploaded.


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