Sep. 3rd, 2010

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1) I found a place to download Hindi songs!!! ldasjkasf;ajlfkajklghaklghal :DDD Ahaha... It's easy to find English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, AND Spanish songs... but it took me 4 years to find a good place to download Hindi songs -__- I had fun downloading songs from 1970s-2010 yesterday xD I was also creeped out how there's a movie with the same title as my mom's name from the 60s and another with the same name as a market/area in the small city she grew up in from the 30s...

2) This is a really pretty picture of Younha:

& Hello!Younha is back! :D

3) W is finally back from visiting England & Canada! I'm going to go hang out with her for the rest of the day~ :D

4) I listed my LJ interests yesterday & had fun making sure that nothing was a hyperlink besides NEWS xD I wonder if anyone besides me can understand them all... See how many you guys get! Comment trying to decipher these xD
"mean people suck", 1234567(8)(9?) it's big news!, bo-bo-boa bo-bo-boa-ah follow me, bongzooo〜sfkjalj, doncha_wish_your_girlfriend_was hot like pi, eggplantface=dickface, faaaaa-q, fantastic elastic loverholic robotronic, gd-gd-baby-baby is ohmygawwwd-i'm-so-hawwwt, going! fall down, i'm inside your eye, jeti≠jedi, mighty chest's #deadfisheyes, newsが○○に目指す, oh my god SUN!, punctuating_with unfitting emoticons ಥ_ಥ, s.h.e's fanservice pwns k-t, sexy saliva, they're all aliens, vicycle-vegetable-volleyball-veteran-victory-6, younha/food otp, おっさんか?いや、大ちゃんだ!, なるほど、なるほど, めっちゃDANJAH, アヤカのとつげき英会話!!, マクシマムうまい, 中なんとか, 大家好我們是fay-ren-high飛輪海, 小s = superperv, 小豬♥小鬼, 戸田恵梨香+榮倉奈々+北川景子+北乃きい+井上真央+貫地谷しほり+林依晨♥, 若干気まずいなふたり, 草noooooマン, 裸で何が悪い?!, 錦城赤山 shirts, 봄토리♥싼토끼!, 옥녀시대

5) Harry Potter meme!
this is long )

I'm still working on that paranoia meme... It's hard D:


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