Jan. 2nd, 2010

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My dad blocked youtube on the computer we all use last January just when I was losing interest in Fahrenheit/Taiwan and gaining interest in NEWS. Youtube is like the only place I knew to find Taiwanese videos, so I think my dad blocking youtube helped me get into JE more/faster lol. ...yay my ipod can go on youtube :)

I don't think anyone on my f-list is into Taiwanese stars... but I wanted to put my screencaps somewhere xP

Will Pan on Yue Le Bai Fen Bai!

Quick intro: YLBFB is an entertainment show hosted by Xiao Zhu (Show Luo, actor/host/singer/idol/dork) and Xiao Gui (host/idol?actor/dork). Xiao Zhu parodies his own song while he's on a toilet and Xiao Gui is into BDSM. The hosts are really two spazzes who make out with each other on screen (they've actually kissed too). They both also know about Yamapi: watch Xiao Zhu imitate him during Taiyou no Namida here at news_jpop. Will Pan is a rapper/singer. He was lead of the last tdrama I enjoyed called Miss No Good in summer 08 that he sang the theme song for (Xia Ri Feng (Summer Craze)).

Honestly you don't have to know anything more than that. The screencaps are just them being stupid.

XIA LING ...jiu OH OH / everyone wants to be KimuTaku )

I just finished watching countdown (&taking caps!) and I have notes lmao so I will have a flaily post after I spam your f-list some more with an entry on JE/kpop & random pics.
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Changmin sitting on Yunho is from their talk segment on CDTV, poster is from SBS Gayo Daejun. Sorry they're kinda big.

I thought that the DBSK disbanding drama was total bs when I found out about it this August. It slowly became more and more real, and I would just say to myself "I'm glad I was never in fandom properly." Besides Epik High and Younha, DBSK were my first Koreans. The first idols I've ever seen. I didn't even know what video downloads were, I just watched about every video about them on youtube. I gradually found Fahrenheit and tdramas and later jdramas and NEWS, so I stopped paying attention to what they did. Even though I don't want to, I still do care. On that CDTV talk, Jaejoong said that he'd like to continue to work hard this year , just like last year. I don't see that happening, as DBSK anyways. I think it would be easier to just give up now and be set for them to hurry up and disband. I'll actually buy their best album and that's it for DBSK, forever.

Big Bang's turn. If I knew about these awards, I would have rooted for SCANDAL♥♥♥. I think that "Japanese netizens" is just stupid, I thought no one pays attention to 2ch. I do agree with the Japanese people though, Big Bang's Japanese success is a huge surprise to me. I don't know what their sales are like so I guess I can't really say 'success,' but they were in major year end shows like MSSL. I don't think they ~deserve~ it since they obviously don't give a shit about Japan and didn't prepare at all like BoA and DBSK, but whatever, I like Big Bang so I don't care.

NOOO YOUNHA GOT SWINE FLU. <-- that was my initial reaction. Even though when I heard that Ryo and Yamapi got it, I was just like "whatever, they're not gonna die." That's so weird.
Swine flu map!:
talked about Tego being sick in 24hrtv promo but never reported swine flu + Ryo + Yamapi + Audrey comedian guy --> Kanjani8 members --> ss501 leader guy --> f(x) --> I don't remember anyone --> Younha.
Obviously, this is all Tegoshi's fault.

This is related: I'm hungry. Someone on facebook linked homemade California Rolls that look really really good.

And now I shall dump screencaps of me playing around on my new ipod. Major props to anyone who knows what my background and what I was listening to are:

LOL my ipod thinks that Shige is M and that P is a woman )

gahh all my caps from Countdown are way too big T__T


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