Jan. 3rd, 2010

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Year-end music shows I have downloaded: FNS Kayousai, Best Hits, Best Artist, Music Station Super Live, Johnny's Countdown, an episode of Music Japan, SBS Gayo Daejun, CDTV (will download). holy crap, over 25 gigs.

What I've watched so far: ...Countdown. LOL SO MUCH FOR CARING ABOUT MUSIC.

I took 261 screencaps, uploaded 244, don't know how many I used. Screencaps resized to something reasonable by LJ so I hopefully won't kill internets (see full 1280x720 quality by opening them in new tabs).

Believe - Arashi

~Johnny's Debut Single Medley~
Garasu no Shounen - Kinki Kids
Real Face - KAT-TUN
Naniwa Iroha Bushi - Kanjani8
NewS Nippon - NEWS
Music For the People - V6
Sotsugyou - Takki & Tsubasa
NYC - NYC boys
Ultra Music Power - Hey! Say! JUMP
Love You Only - TOKIO
A.RA.SHI. - Arashi

~Johnny's Smash Hit Medley~
Love So Sweet - Arashi
Seishun Amigo - Shuuji to Akira
Sorafune - TOKIO
Zukkoke Otokomichi - Kanjani8
Fantastipo - Toraji Haiji
weeeek - NEWS
Ai Nanda - V6
Rescue - KAT-TUN
Mayonaka no Shadow Boy - Hey! Say! JUMP!
Swan Song - Kinki Kids
Ai Kakumei - Takki
Sha la la - Takki
Blue Dog - Four Leafs
Otoko no ko Onna no ko - Go Hiromi
Omatsuri Ninja - Ninja
Sneaker Blues - Kondo Masahiko
Can't Stop!! LOVING - SMAP
哀愁でいと New York City Nights - 田原俊彦
NAI NAI 16 - Shibugakitai
Kamen Budoukai - Shounentai
Venus - Tackey & Tsubasa

~Group Change Medley~
Darling (V6) - Kinki Kids
Sukiyanen, Osaka (Kanjani8) - Arashi
One Love (Arashi) - Kanjani8
Aisareru Yori Aishitai (Kinki Kids) - NEWS
Kibou~Yell (NEWS) - KAT-TUN
Keep the Faith (KAT-TUN) - TOKIO
Uwasa no Kisu (TOKIO) - V6

Motto - Kondo Masahiko
Midnight Shuffle - Kondo Masahiko
Hatsu Uta

SPAAAAAAAAAAM ...click :D? )

Damn that was hard. I wanted to do this for NWPD DVD, but I still haven't watched the concert properly yet. ...this took forever since I don't really know how to use LJ-scrapbook and I'm not allowed on the computer unless it's for school when my parents are around (they went shopping today haha). Also I took up a third of my total space with all this so um... yeah, I don't think I'll be epic capspamming any time soon with school starting again tomorrow D:
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Since it's not showing up on my f-list, I'll link it here: epic Countdown capspam :D?

Some Utada single I didn't know about. I guess it's just more proof that choosing to not get tickets for her concert an hour away in SF was the right thing to do. I'll be packing for being a camp counselor the week of that Sunday anyways! :D (plus the Ryo fangirl I met at my Japanese class this summer is a HUGE Utada fan and will spazz about it for me)

I really want to join in at the hate meme... but screw it, shower/dinner/find my school stuff time.


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